Reclaiming a little America Sovereignty

Withdrawing from the non-binding climate thingy was the best news possible for this Republic. Reclaiming a little of American Sovereignty. The Liberal Leftist Socialist Progressives are going nuts, again a good thing.

I did set a fishing pole(rod and reel)and associated fishing tackle on the front and back porches of my home just in case the seas did begin to rise. The front porch faces east towards the Atlantic ocean, the back porch faces west towards the Gulf of Mexico. I also removed the tie-downs on my boat, again just in case. I keep going out to check, nothing yet.

I wonder if the rise in sea levels would be effected any if every Climate Activist would jump in to the Oceans and Seas of the world. I know that they worry so(they claim)over the Polar Bears, I thought that by now they would be swimming north to save the poor Polar Bears. Haven’t heard of any activists swimming in any direction as of yet.

Well that is enough humor, for now at least. On to more serious matters.

I do believe that God made a promise, a promise recorded in the Bible. One by which he would not Destroy the World again with Water. A promise sealed with a Rainbow. Maybe the Liberal Leftist Socialist Progressives forgot that little tidbit. The Rainbow symbolizes a Promise from God, it does not symbolize the alternative lifestyle of some people. Using the most beautiful Promise from God to mankind to represent the most perverted lifestyle does not have any thing to do with fulfilling a Promise.

Perhaps if God had not been kicked out of the Schools and almost every other aspect of everyday life, by the Liberal Leftist Socialist Progressives, more people would come to the realization that Water will never be used to destroy the World again. It also amazes me that so many clergymen believe in the rising sea levels being a threat to mankind. The Rainbow in the sky appears before, during and after rain and sometimes for no reason at all. When I see one I am reminded of the Promise, the Promise from God, to me it says Fear Not.

Moving on again.

Carrying on an American tradition. The withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord was basically an act of Secession. It was not Treason or anything of the like. It was a single(first)step towards reclaiming American Sovereignty. The whole thing as written was bad for America. President Trump knew it was bad for America, he did the right thing by Seceding from it. Seceding from the Paris deal was the right thing to do, the right thing for America to do. America should have never been in it to start with.

America had in the past removed itself from things that were harmful to America. Remaining in a union with Great Britain in 1776, for instance was and would be harmful to America. America seceded from Great Britain. America did not consider the opinion of Great Britain, or the opinion the rest of the world for that matter. America did what was best for America, and should always do so.

Are the Climate Activists now going to wage war against America and force America back into the Paris Accords? Much Like the U.S. Government and the Northern States did in dealing with the Southern States when they seceded.

There is perhaps many more acts of Secession America should engage in. One that I would like to see is that America secede from the United Nations. Yes, I would like to see America secede from the United Nations and then promptly kick their butts out of this Sovereign Republic. Remaining in the United Nation provides no benefit for America.

Do you think the rest of the member nations would be foolish enough to wage a war against America in an attempt force America back into the United Nations at the point of a Bloody Bayonet?

Long live the spirit of Secession. While that spirit lives the American Spirit is Live and Well. Perhaps with a little helping of Nullification.


One last bit of humor before closing.
Went to check the rising Ocean Levels, nothing yet. If the Ocean will not come to me then by God, I will go to it. It looks like I will still have to buy a House Boat to be able to fish from the porch of my house. Perhaps I will instead buy a Mobile Home and fit it with pontoons, just in case. That way I would have a home if the sea levels rise and then recede again. The mobile home with pontoons is a much better idea, two for one, as house boats tend to lean a bit when on dry land, unless it is a flat bottom house boat. Oh, the decisions we must face.


The lowest point

The constant attempt at selling the bogus “climate change” agenda seems to be of more importance to BHO, his administration and the liberal agenda than national security. It does appear to be working on the lesser informed and those that have given up on free thinking and just follow the herd. Living here in Florida it gets hot in the summer, it is supposed to, Florida is not called the “sunshine state” for nothing. When I was stationed in Alaska, guess what it got real cold in the winter, it is supposed to.

I have tried explaining to the ones who believe the climate change non-sense that the seasons are just the earth tilting on its axis, towards and away from the sun. I try to explain that the northern hemisphere is farther from the sun in the summer and is closer to the sun in the winter and the opposite is true in the southern hemisphere. I even explain in the summer being farther from the sun is what causes the longer length of day and the shorter length of night and the opposite is true in the winter. The longer the time spent in the sun the warmer it becomes. They only offer this argument to support their position. It seems hotter now than when I was a kid.

I begin to dismantle their “seems hotter than when I was kid” argument with this. When you were a kid did you stay indoors all the time? The usual response is no, but it is hotter now. I then ask them when they leave their home is the air conditioner running, the response is yes. I then ask when you get in your car do you turn on the air conditioner, again the response is yes. I then ask when you get where you are going is it air-conditioned, you guessed it, the answer is yes. Then I ask them in between your house and your car was it hot, the response is yes. Then I ask in between your car and where you were going was it hot, you guessed it again, the answer was yes. I then explain to them that between the house and the car and between the car and the destination was the way it is intended according to nature and the way the earth works. It seems hotter because you were acclimated to the air conditioning, going from cool to hot only seems hotter because you left a cooler place and entered a warmer place, if you remained outside longer you would be acclimated to the heat and then went to an air-conditioned place you would be cold. I then tell them you can control the climate and even change it in you home, a building and your car and those are the only places there can be any man-made climate change. You have the ability to make a hot building even hotter, a cold building even colder, a hot building cooler and a cooler building hot, but you can not heat or cool the world, God and nature take care of that. I even back up this statement with, if everyone were to turn on the air-conditioners in their cars and roll down their windows Florida would still be hot. Having lost that, the next thing they say is “why was today the hottest day on record”.

I begin to dismantle “the hottest day on record” with this. I ask when was the baseline temperature set, the answer is I don’t know. I then ask where was the baseline temperature taken, the answer is again I don’t know. I then ask how long have the records been kept, the answer, you guessed it, is again I don’t know. I then tell them that I am going to begin record keeping today, it is 92 degrees, if tomorrow it reaches 93 degrees it will be the hottest day on record, if tomorrow it is 91 degrees it will be the coldest day on record. Having lost this argument they say, I meant to say that today was the “hottest ever on this day”.

I dismantle this stupid remark with the same three questions above. Then comes the “we have to do something about the pollution” argument.

They will not give up and admit defeat. I tell them we have cleaned up the messes we made in the past, but in some areas we may have gone too far and have hindered ourselves by over correcting, but do not discount what the earth is capable of. I ask if they studied history in school, most admit to having studied history but did not see the point in bringing up the past. I tell them that hundreds if not thousands of ships have sunk in the oceans of the world, and two world wars have been fought with vast and untold amounts of oils and gas spilled in the oceans. I ask them who cleaned up the oil spills or where did it go, you guessed it, they have no idea.

Then it is my turn. I ask why do you buy into this climate change crap, that was global warming crap? I tell them that when I was in elementary school we were warned of the coming of a new “ice age”. The ice age never came as they predicted, but some nice and funny animated movies came of it.

At least someone made money from predicting the coming of the ice age. I wonder who will make money from climate change.

I know that they are truly lost when they ask what does acclimated mean.

At some point in life these people lost the will or power to think for themselves and simply believe and repeat what they are told. Whoever the government teacher was who taught these people sure earned their money. The young people of today are one fine example of government education, and now they want common core, where they all learn the same basic subjects at the same level. Schools will teach to the lowest level and not the highest, continuing to dumb down America. The goal of education should be to bring the level of education to the highest level, not teach to the lowest. The next generation to graduate school will be evident that government education has reached its lowest point.