My home, my furniture, my clothing and my life

My home and my life are simple, my furniture and clothing are also quite simple.
First is my home.
Integrity provides the foundation. Truth provides the walls. The Flag provides the roof. Tranquility provides my windows. The precious blood of the patriots provide the paint inside and out. Honesty is my door. My door is locked at night for your safety not mine.

Second is the furniture in my home.
My bed is the U.S. Constitution. The Declaration of Independence provides my pillow. My blanket is The Bill of Rights. My night stand is provided by The Declaration of Arms. The Holy Bible, King James version, words written in red, provides my light and sits on the night stand, it also provides my map and compass. Diligence provides my table. Virtue provides the chairs. Hard work provides my sofa. Customs and courtesies provide the rest of the furniture.

Third is the clothing I wear.
Freedom provides my pants. Liberty provides my shirt. Self-Reliance provides my coat(I keep one with me year-round). Self-Determination provides my boots(I don’t wear shoes). Honor provides my hat(I always wear one). My under garments are Privacy.

Fourth is my life.
Duty to God and Country. Courage at all times. Accept responsibility. Everything in Moderation. Respect to those that deserve it, none to those that do not. Ever vigilant. Gallantry in actions. Thankful for what I have, and all that I have, jealous of no one. Loyal to my family and friends. Expect no one to do for me, what I should do for myself. Live within my means. Lead when I should, follow when I should, get the hell out-of-the-way when I should and know when to do each. Never tolerate the intolerable. Stand for what is right and just, reject what is not. Protect myself, my family and my home with a vengeance. I choose not to conduct commerce with those who would deny me my Constitutional rights. Accepted the Lord, Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, and pray for forgiveness when I come up short.

Yep, this is me clutching the Bible, the Constitution and my Gun.
life is short pray hard