Wrong Title

The president of the U.S.A. has long been looked to as, and referred to as the Leader of the Free World. That statement is not only false, it is down right dangerous, and becoming more dangerous. The President of the United States of America is just that the President of the United States of America, he is not the Leader of the free word, he is however president of the greatest nation in the free world. The label of Leader of the Free World can give one an over-inflated opinion of ones self. This over-inflated opinion did not begin with BHO but it has surely become more noticeable with BHO.

Think how the world has been affected by the action of a person proudly wearing and accepting the label of the Leader of the Free World. The supposed Leader of the Free World actually thinks he knows what is right for the free world. He does this when he does not even know what is best for America, the United States of America. Reaction by Reason and Logic is replaced by Reaction by and from emotion. Giving no thought to what comes next.

Let me use this example. The Colonials living in what would become the United States of America, did not need another country or government to tell them how bad it was to live under tyranny and oppression. They new first hand what living under tyranny and oppression was like. No other country came forward to offer to help defeat Britain if we would try their form of government, it would have been rejected because the Colonials had a better idea. It was the Colonials who fought off the yoke of tyranny and oppression not the government they would form. They sought to build a country like no other and establish a government like no other. A government of, by and for the people. No longer a people of, by and for the government. The people wanted to be free, the word “wanted” is key here.

Some examples of what happens when a person that is the President of the United States of America starts to believe that he or she is the Leader of the Free World.

Iraq. Had the people reached a point where they said “no more” and rise up? That is what the citizens of Colonial America did. Did some outside influence think that they had the right answer, regime change. A people who have lived under a dictator can not be made to be free they must want it. Some people can not handle freedom and liberty, others do not want it. Freedom and Liberty come with a cost, until people are ready to pay the cost they will not seek it. When Freedom and Liberty are gained they must be safeguarded and if necessary fought for to keep. GWB did not understand that simple concept. No matter the pretext for regime change, there is a life after for the people. Removing Saddam Hussein removed one problem and created another, religious sectarian violence and near civil war. BHO did not consider what would happen when he abandoned Iraq, more religious sectarian violence and the rise of ISIL, that became ISIS and now simply IS.

Libya. Again was it the people, citizens of Libya that rose up and said “No More”? Or was it some outside influences come in to stir the “pudding”. The statement from above apply in this case also.

Syria, Egypt, Afghanistan, Yemen and The Ukraine. Again was it the people, the citizens of these countries who rose up and said “No More”, or is some outside influence or influences?

Reacting out of emotion rather than reacting from reason and logic. Being a person born in a Free nation and enjoying the Liberties that go along with that make it hard to observe or hear about the atrocities suffered by the people of a nation ruled by a dictator. The instant reaction is to free them, that is emotion. Reason and logic should take hold and stop you before you can act, but sadly there are politicians and those who see themselves as the Leader of the Free world that do not. The Leader of the Free World acts before he thinks.

Meddling is not a good foreign policy and division is not a good domestic policy.

There was never a need for and no country has the right to force their will on another country. But, I guess you thought the right when you took on the title Leader of the Free World.

The next person elected President of the United States of America needs to be reminded of that fact, President of the United States of America is your title, you are not the Leader of the Free World you were not elected to that post.

The United States of America has enjoyed a head start on the rest of the world. The key reason for this is written in history. History is loaded with examples of what has failed and what has merely existed. America was not born to fail. America has not merely existed. America has thrived and grown. One part of growing is making mistakes, another part of growing is not repeating mistakes. America does not live in the past, if one stays in the past they only stagnate and are reduced from thriving and growing to merely existing and eventually going to a footnote in history.
A side note on the founding of America. This is for those who do not believe God had a hand in the founding of America and the well-being since. Was it by chance or design that so many would be at the same place at the same time wanting freedom and liberty and then enough at one place at one time willing to make the sacrifices to make it happen?

The strategy of having no strategy

The result of moving or attempting to move “forward” with no strategy is a guarantee of total and absolute failure, that is of course, unless failure was the strategy. A strategy is no more than a plan. In business no one plans to fail, as a matter of fact no lending institution will give a business loan unless there is a good and sound business plan. A strategy for success.In politics the exact opposite is true. Individuals and groups donate huge sums of money to politicians and causes hoping for success to further a political or personal agenda. A strategy of hope. The campaign slogan of “forward” with the absence of a strategy is in essence “backward”.

“Forward” is to “Advance”. BHO used the word “Forward” as the campaign slogan in 2012, yet BHO has done nothing to advance America.
“Backward” is to “Retreat” or “Decline”. Since his election BHO has only “Advanced” the “Decline” of America, retreating from greatness and many times apologizing for it or denying it.

The world of radical Islam has no intention of going “Forward”, advancing the Muslim world in particular and the world in general. The radical groups like ISIS, Boko Haram and the myriad of others only have the intention of advancing forward to decline, by going backwards. However, they do use modern tools, weapons and equipment to advance the decline of humanity, and will continue to do so. The establishment of a Caliphate takes their world from the 21st century and lands them square in the 4th century and no farther forward than the 14th century and make no mistake, they want that for the entire world. Radical Islam has a strategy and has announced it to the world.

BHO on the other hand has no strategy to counter ISIS and has announced it to America and the world. But, BHO does have a strategy, his strategy is to tell the enemy or potential enemy what he will or will not do, what events will drive him to possible action and even discloses the timeline of events. This is a very dangerous practice to say the least.

Strategy in Iraq. Announce to America and the world when combat operations would cease, troop strength reductions would begin and the date of total withdrawal. Upon total withdrawal inform America and the world that “we” left behind a stable and self-sufficient Iraqi government, knowing full well the exact opposite was true. Every aspiring terror group knew the exact date they could begin operations to further destabilize a less than stable government and country. Unlike the U.S. government which is divided along party lines, the Iraqi government was divided along religious lines. Sectarian violence began anew.

Strategy in Afghanistan. Announce to America and the world when combat operations would cease, troop strength reductions would begin and again the date of full withdrawal. This again tells the terror groups when they can resume operations. The Taliban and al-Qaeda are still very much alive in Afghanistan and will be heard from again.

Strategy in Libya. Destabilization. Announce to America and the world that airstrikes will be used to further weaken the Libyan government and its fighting forces attempting to hold off an insurgency. Announce the arming and training of rebel forces in Libya without any thought of how the training or arms would be used afterward. While announcing what would happen BHO also announced what would not happen, BHO announced that there would be no “boots on the ground”, no U.S. ground combat forces would be used. Establish diplomatic relations with a country in turmoil and on the brink of civil war. We all saw how that worked out. The only strategy BHO had, was to topple Qaddafi, or at least help, at the present and not for what would happen after, much less what kind of government would exist or even if there would be one.

Strategy in Syria. Again, Destabilization. Announce to America and the world that the use of chemical weapons by Syrian forces would bring U.S. military action, a red line was drawn by BHO. Low and behold chemical weapons were deployed against a town being contested and there were civilian casualties. Allegations were circulated around the world that the Syrian military had used chemical weapons. My question was, was BHO warning the Syrian government or was he encouraging the rebel forces to use chemical weapons in order to bring the U.S. into action? I still think the latter. The red-line was erased or at least blurred by the intervention of Russia. The chemical weapons were being destroyed, but were they all destroyed. That news left the front pages and has never arisen since. How much was destroyed? How much is left? If any is left who has control of it?

The blunders by BHO and his administration in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria has shown to the world how ineffective the foreign policy of the U.S. is. Middle East foreign policy has suffered since President Carter and has not recovered. The policy of appeasement did not work for British PM Chamberlain and will never work for any leader.

The policy of destabilization of Libya and Syria has created the biggest and most lethal threat America has faced in many years. ISIS or as it is known now the Islamic State could have been destroyed when they were Known as ISIL only a short few months ago. They thrive and flourish now because BHO and his administration and some members of Congress were more concerned with toppling dictators than what the future may hold. The same is true of the previous administration with regards to Iraq and Afghanistan.

ISIS has made many gains while suffering a few loses. But is ISIS the only threat? In the beginning the intent was to establish The Levant, now the intent is to establish the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, and have declared the establishment of a Caliphate. Why the change? The Levant is certainly larger than the Islamic State. Have they joined forces with other terror groups with each carving out their own domain in the world? Are they combining resources? When the news broke that ISIS fighters had captured a Syrian Air Base, I wondered why. Building and maintaining a civilian airport is expensive enough, but the costs of a Military Air Base are even more, much more. ISIS has no need of an Air Base, they have no aircraft. If the intent was to deny Syrian forces the use of the Airfield why not just render it useless and abandon it. It can not be disguised or moved, it is fixed. If it is captured the rightful owner will want it back, if it is still useable they will use it. Discussing this event with a friend, I made the following statements first they either have Aircraft other than stolen helicopters or they are expecting to get aircraft and second they may have stripped the Syrians down to their underwear and marched them out to the desert for execution, but all were not executed, the valuable were taken back. I say this for two reasons, first they intend on having aircraft and will need pilots and aviation support personnel and second Military Air Bases have what civilian airports lack, defense systems and they need to learn them as well. And once again the strategy of nothingness is revealed, ISIS was told by way of the announcement from BHO that he was authorizing surveillance flights over Syria to monitor the situation. If something is revealed what action will be taken. The ISIS fighters were even informed by social media how many more American service members we going to Iraq, where they would be sent and their intended mission, emphasizing a non-combat role. Think of the money ISIS saves daily by getting their intelligence straight from the administration and avoiding the expense of satellites or a spy network.

Now the chatter of missing civilian airliners from Libya, eleven of them. The rebels took control of the Tripoli airport and the airliners are now missing and ISIS has a Military Airbase in Syria. There was most certainly fuel at the airport in Tripoli and certainly fuel is at the Syrian Base now held by ISIS. What targets are in easy reach of an airliner from Syria or Libya used as a weapon?

Now to explain my previous statement that the terrorists have joined forces. It is perfectly acceptable for a Muslim to lie to a non-Muslim, known as an Infidel. When al Qaeda said they had kicked ISIS out of their group was it a member of al Qaeda that made that statement or was it an Infidel? When the rebels in Libya and Syria identified themselves as moderates was it a member of their group or was it an Infidel. I will even go one step further and simply state that all of the terror groups and their supporters are the same force with the same goal, no matter how they dress. There are no moderates.

Not only should one not make the mistake of confusing friends with enemies and then treating them as such, or trusting the enemy of ones enemy and thinking them to be your friend, one should also never make an enemy of a friend or potential friend based on political differences.

The anniversary of September the Eleventh is approaching.

How did we get to this point?

We now are witness to the collapse and impending fall of Iraq and BHO takes time to give a speech on “climate change” fundraise, golf and vacation in California. The decision on what military action to take in Iraq will take days, and then only if the Iraqis can work out their political differences. Once again he has “telegraphed” his strategy to the insurgents when he said no “combat troops” will be involved. The Iraqis can not work out their political differences until they can work out their religious differences, and BHO knows this. In fact this latest outbreak of violence in Iraq is their way of working out their political differences based on religion. In the coming days the news media will call the increased violence and fighting in Iraq a “civil war” but it is actually a “religious war”. The Iraqi politicians are not labeled with a (D), (I) or an (R) behind their name, the are either Sunni, Shia or Kurd, therefore the religious beliefs of the elected officials dictate and are dictated in any legislation passed. They do not represent the political party and certainly not the people or the country only the religious beliefs of their sect.

There has even been talk around about breaking Iraq into three separate countries giving each of the three groups in Iraq their own country to curb and possibly prevent further violence and for political expediency. The Sunni, The Shia and the Kurds would have their own countries separate of the others. This insane idea has already been tried and has before almost brought the world to the brink of war. At the conclusion of World War 2 both Korea and Vietnam were divided, the city of Berlin was divided into four parts, Germany itself was divided, even Europe was divided, all for the cause of political expediency. These divisions that were for political expediency created a policy of containment. What was being contained Communism or Capitalism or simply just the people? The division of Iraq will not lead to peace, never has never will, and will not contain the religion or the violence.

The divisions of the nations of the world in the name of political expediency caused a stagnation in some parts of the world, some countries of the world have remained at their stage of development at the conclusion of World War 2. This is demonstrated by their lack of advancement in science and technology, they must rely upon advanced nations of the world for their mere existence with most unable to feed themselves. With few exceptions most notably Israel, South Korea, Japan and China, the only nations of the world to advance past the 1940’s are the victors of World War 2 as demonstrated by the rest of the world calling on them.

Still other nations of the world are stagnated by religious differences and remain in the same stage of development they were in at the outbreak of their religious wars. Culturally they have not advanced beyond killing one another in the name of religion, they have stagnated themselves in the name of religious expediency.

There have been many foreign policy attempts made by many leaders of the world. The policy of appeasement gave us World War 2. The policy of containment gave us the Korean War, The Vietnam War, the First war with Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, the second war with Iraq and numerous other hostile actions. But of late we see a new and dangerous foreign policy of destabilization and abandonment. The best example of destabilization is the unprovoked attack on Libya. The best example of abandonment is Iraq. With the foreign policy of destabilization and abandonment if you add in the providing of arms and equipment to insurgents you get the new policy of confusing enemies with allies. Add in the idle threats made with no intent to act you get Syria. Add in the “there will be consequences” you get the Crimea and the Ukraine. The best examples of providing arms, equipment and training to insurgents would be Libya and Syria. The best example of confusing enemies with allies would be the muslim brotherhood in Egypt. Now add in the policy of not wanting to offend you get boko haram.

The foreign policy of destabilization, abandonment, providing arms, equipment and training to insurgents, confusing enemies with allies, making idle threats, there will be consequences and not wanting to offend has changed the landscape of the world. The destabilization of Libya by supporting the insurgents with arms and equipment and U.S. airstrikes led to the death of the Libyan dictator, the convenient leaving of more arms and equipment for the rebels to steal and all that combined led to the murder of four Americans at Benghazi. The very same weapons and equipment from Libya were used in the latest insurgency victories in Iraq, where more weapons and equipment were seized including helicopters, surface to air missiles, air to air missiles, anti-tank ammunition, wheeled vehicles and who knows what else. While the insurgents were overrunning town after town they stopped long enough to rob the banks of millions of dollars and gold, raise their flag and invoke sharia law. Abandonment of Iraq has led to destabilization and was an open invitation for al-Qaeda and their splinter groups to take over. Even if the government forces regain their composure and take the fight to the insurgents, which is unlikely, the insurgents still have all the weapons and equipment they already seized not to mention the millions in dollars and gold. If the insurgents take Baghdad they will get more arms and equipment and will have more banks to rob. What will be the next target for the al-Qaeda splinter groups? The U.S. will abandon Afghanistan in two years. Syria still has chemical weapons that have not yet been destroyed and quite possibly biological weapons left over from the first war with Iraq, that would be a great prize for any terrorist group. Iraq is a large country and offers many places to hide chemical and biological weapons left over from the old regime and some of those men from the old regime still live and might just know where to find them.

If America has to engage the al-Qaeda splinter groups in battle it will be a much different engagement, our country will be fighting men armed with our equipment and with the same level of training as our own military. Airpower would be used but at what cost, two forces fighting and using with the same equipment would be disastrous, wrong targets could be taken out, and correct targets could be missed. Friendly fire, mistaking allies for enemies and enemies for allies.

Two quick questions.
1. Did the latest insurgent victories in Iraq come before or after the five Taliban commanders were swapped for one deserter?
2. Has the missing airliner been found?

The best example of non-stagnation is America, there was a time when America even tried to divide itself for political expediency, the north would not let the south out of the union. The American “Civil War” more aptly called the “War of Northern Aggression” was not about slavery as much as it was about the preservation of the Union. The south wanted out for political reasons the north attacked the south for economic and self-preservation reasons. The south did not seek to rejoin their previous rulers, as was the case with the Crimea rejoining mother Russia, the yoke of tyranny had already been forcibly removed and would not be voluntarily worn again. The south viewed the life under the north as tyrannical and oppressive as life before under the rule of the British Crown. Our nation is relatively young but since the civil war we have made many advances in science and technology, we have not remained in the nineteenth century. America have moved on because America was not a victim of the same political expediency that the victors of World War 2 inflicted on the rest of the world.

Reward or Payback?

The swap of one deserter for five Taliban fighters, or more accurately Taliban commanders, was to serve which reward or payback. If the deserter was a prisoner of war and an exchange was agreed to why not one for one? Negotiating is give and take, the weaker your position the more you have to give, unless you wanted one thing now and another later. Is BHO trying to empty Gitmo so it can be closed as he promised? One of his first executive orders was to close Gitmo. No , he still has two years to fulfill that promise, the “high value” terrorists held at Gitmo may have another value. I do not at all buy the statement that the deserters health was failing. Even if it was how did you know? Why are there talks with terrorists? What negotiations are going on behind the scenes? All of this crap will surely be classified and we common citizens will never be privy to what decisions are being made and why.

The answer to why the five Taliban were released from Gitmo and sent to Qatar may well be that Qatar is closer to Syria than Cuba is. Cuba is to far from Syria and the incoming and outgoing mail is censored, thereby making tactical operations and orders to fighters in the field impossible. That is remedied by moving the Taliban commanders closer to the fighters in the field and removing the censorship. The NSA is to busy spying on Americans to worry about the Taliban. Qatar is no more going to keep the five Taliban commanders in check than the man in the moon will.

Recently Assad was re-elected president of Syria. The insurgency in Syria was and is failing and Assad remains in power. The narcissistic one still sees Syria as his big embarrassment, his idle threats and the “red line” failed to help him achieve his goal, what ever that was. Russia stuck its thumb right in the eye of BHO and his foreign policy. The five Taliban commanders may well be returning to the battlefield soon, but they will show up in Syria, not in Afghanistan at least not yet. Over the coming weeks and months we may well see the news reports of renewed fighting in Syria. BHO did recently say that training and support would be provided to the “moderate insurgents” in Syria.

Another embarrassment for BHO was the Ukraine with the Crimea rejoining mother Russia, another instance of Russia sticking its thumb in the eye of BHO and his foreign policy. The Ukraine is still very much volatile. BHO did say there would be consequences.

Syria is another financial basket case that must be propped up, Russia will do the propping and Russia has a naval base in Syria. The five newly freed Taliban commanders may provide what the insurgency was lacking, leadership, a chain of command if you will. If the five Taliban commanders take to the battlefield in Syria, and begin to gain the upper hand Russia will have to intervene to protect its interests. History would repeat itself with Russia and a puppet government facing the Mujahideen, aka the Taliban, in Syria not in Afghanistan. Courtesy of BHO and his foreign policy of there will be consequences. Afghanistan will come later.

Were the five Taliban commanders released as a reward for promising not to engage in terrorist activities again? What will they do after their one year of probation is up? What, if any, job skills did they learn at Gitmo? Was the deserter rewarded for being a deserter? Was he just used as an excuse to release the five Taliban commanders to aid the insurgents in Syria as payback to Russia?

Will the five Taliban commanders remain in Qatar for one year as promised? In Islam it is acceptable to tell an infidel a lie, and the Islamist is not bound to honor an agreement with an infidel.

Ever wonder why BHO continually lies to the American public and does not follow the letter of the law? Going to a Christian church does not make one a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes one a car.

Another example of getting it wrong

Yet another fine example of BHO and his administration getting it all totally “ass backwards”. BHO has told the terrorists across the Middle-East exactly what will occur in the next two years. The U.S. military will cease combat operations this year, a force of 9,800 will remain to train the Afghani forces through 2015 then draw down to a force of 5,000 and that their will only be embassy and security by the end of 2016. What a treasure trove of free intelligence, and by the president no less, they can trust him because he is not their president and will not lie to them. Why on earth would the commander-in-chief intentionally inform the enemy of the future plans of the U.S. military and give the enemy or potential enemy the exact date that America and its interests would be the most vulnerable to attack? The new foreign policy agenda is the same as the old one, meaning that there is not one, but with the added feature to nothingness the stupidity of disclosing to enemies and potential enemies his unwillingness to engage in long protracted military actions. This was the same mistake made by the administration with regards to Libya. It was stated from the onset that it would be a limited air campaign designed to lessen the fighting power of government forces and that there would be no boots on the ground. Not only were the government and insurgent forces told how they would be attacked, more importantly they were told how they would not be attacked. Arms, munitions and equipment was being supplied to the insurgent forces, what the administration could not provide to them outright were placed where they could conveniently steal what was needed. Then came Syria with another instance of insurgents facing government forces, BHO drew a “red line” saying Syria would face military action is chemical weapons were deployed. The military action was revealed by the administration in the threat or precision strikes designed to weaken the government forces and again that no American boots would be on the ground, again the entire strategy was revealed.

Now BHO and his administration has a plan to assist the “moderate” terrorists facing the government forces in Syria. Billions of dollars will be spent to arm and train the moderates, there are several problems with this and two questions will highlight two of the major problems:
1. Who are they? Since you have already disclosed your willingness and eagerness to help them in their struggle, they only must figure out what the administration sees as a “moderate”. Then again they already know the administrations definition of “moderate”. BHO and the administration was in full support of the muslim brotherhood, so anything up to the level of being an “extremist” is a “moderate”.
2. Where do they come from? This is very important, the training and equipment furnished to the “moderates” could be used to cause destabilization in their home countries. There have even been reports of gang members from America fighting alongside the terrorists.

This comes back to this:
1. The continued efforts of BHO, his administration and the liberals on the left and right constantly seek to disarm American citizens or at the very least limit the choice of weapons and ammunition capacity.
2. Arming and equipping the federal agencies with both defensive and offensive weapons and equipment.
3. Shrinking the U.S. military to pre-WW2 levels.
4. The statement by BHO, we need a civilian force just as well-trained and just as well armed as the military. The moderate terrorists the administration intends on training and arming are not in any military and by default are civilians and are a force. They will be trained and armed just as the military is.

Military secrets, weapons and training are supposed to be shared with known allies, those fighting for a common cause and goal, not with those you think will come around to becoming an ally, after they no longer hate you and want you wiped off of the map.

Was it another pesky video?

BHO has ordered a U.S. Naval ship and 1,000 Marines to the shores of Libya and ordered that all Americans leave Libya. 4 quick questions.
1. Did the administration receive information about another anti-muslim video being released on you tube? No it won’t be this one the administration has already used it and soon will have a lot of explaining to do, or maybe they won’t. The only people who care about the murders at Benghazi are the same ones that always cared and wanted the truth. The administrations supporters even quit blaming the video and followed the “what difference at this point does it make” chorus.
2. Did the administration receive credible intelligence of a credible threat to Americans? If this was the case the administration must have missed the first Benghazi attack.
3. Did the embassy staff ask to be evacuated because the violence in Libya has become so widespread that no foreigners are safe? If this is the case the whole Benghazi cover-up will explode. The ambassador, Christopher Stevens had repeatedly asked for additional personnel and resources in the weeks and days leading up to him and three other Americans Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty being murdered. The requests were denied or ignored. No help was sent prior to or during the attack.
4. Or could it be that they must be evacuated to prevent more Americans being killed with weapons provided to terrorists by the administration, kind of fast and furious 2.0? If the administration does not evacuate and lets it happen, it will bring us all the way back to the point where Brian Terry, a U.S. Border Patrol agent was murdered with weapons provided by the administration to Mexican criminals, and that has yet to be answered for.

For now I believe the worry in question #4 is correct for the following reasons:
1. There is no suspect video, and if a video was made of the attack on the embassy it would show the use of weapons and equipment supplied by the administration being utilized to kill Americans. A public relations nightmare that could never explained away, and no one, not even the staunchest supporters could say “what difference at this point does it make”.
2. The “telegraphing” to the enemy that the Marines are coming and then we are leaving, don’t shoot. The terrorists have won. Libya was destabilized by the administration and will now be abandoned, much like Somalia was in the 1990’s. The world has seen what the foray into Somalia left the world, a terrorist pirate haven. This may not have been what was intended, but this was the gift to the world by a failed foreign policy.

I believe that Libya is being abandoned for the following reasons and they are intentional and sinister:
1. The muslim brotherhood has no home. Egypt caught many of them after their ouster from power, threw them in prison, tried, convicted and sentenced to them death. The ones that escaped are spread across Northern Africa and the Middle-East. Libya is their best choice for gathering and a resurgence in power. Libya is lawless and open for occupation.
2. The brotherhood is broke, no cash the assets they had were mainly in Egypt and are unavailable. Libya has energy resources that can be converted into cash.
3. The administration stood by the brotherhood when they were oustered and demanded that they be reinstated to power. If they can not have Egypt, then why not give them Libya.

The staunchest supporters of this administration remind me of the people who were used as advertising props for the old Tareyton cigarettes ads, sporting a black eye and saying “Us Tareyton smokers would rather fight than switch”. Personally I found the taste terrible and the two part filter lacking in substance, a bad combination terrible with no substance. Never could understand how any one could stand by that brand. Bought a pack once opened it, lit one, put it out, field stripped it and bought a pack of Camels. Never bought Tareytons again. Kept the Tareytons to give to anyone who asked if they could “borrow” a smoke, I’d give them one, they never asked for another. Those 19 people either gave up smoking or gave up bumming smokes.

Inheritance, ownership, responsibility and denial

You would think that after nearly 6 years the liberals would quit blaming the former President and his administration for all that is wrong in America, the government and the world, sadly this is not the case.

BHO did not inherit the office of President of The United States of America. He actively campaigned for the office, he wanted to be president no one made him take the job and it was not forced upon him. He wanted to be president for the perks and rewards, but wants and accepts none of the responsibility. The liberal media refuses to lay the failures at his feet and by this, they have aided him in his role as a president who can not be held accountable, and therefore none of his administration is accountable. Everything rolls right off of them much like water rolls off a ducks back. BHO became president of a nation engaged in 2 wars, wars being waged in the open not in secret, he knew they were ongoing while campaigning for president. The VA has been having troubles for years, everyone knew that, everyone promises to fix the VA, but no one does. BHO was even awarded the Nobel Peace Prize after becoming president of a nation at war, based on what, promising to end the wars. A war that was won in Iraq was lost, and that nation has erupted in violence. Libya was attacked without provocation and that nation has erupted into violence that mat escalate into a civil war. Four Americans were killed in Benghazi, that would be Libya, the very same Libya that was attacked without provocation and destabilized. Syria was threatened with military action for the alleged use of chemical weapons, the threats were thwarted by the intervention of Russia and the fact no allies would join in. The liberal media occasionally reports on the renewed violence Iraq and Libya but will not lay the blame at the feet of those responsible for the failures in foreign policy and will certainly not say the truth, that there is no foreign policy in this administration. Complete ownership of Libya and Syria is with the BHO administration, but since there was no one to “inherit” these two disasters from there is no one to blame.

In addition to having total ownership of Libya, Benghazi and Syria, BHO and his administration has complete ownership of Fast and Furious, NSA spying, Obamacare, the use of the IRS to target the opposition, the BLM land grabs and the VA secret waiting list, these and many more have happened on the watch of the BHO administration and still no one accepts the responsibility or has been blamed for the failures and the liberal media remains silent. Why, the same as before there was no one to “inherit” these disasters from and therefore there can be no blame or responsibility. Although there have been liberals that blame the VA scandal on the waging of two illegal wars. Soon there may even be some “buffoon” who will blame the VA patients themselves for being wounded. Bureaucrats at the IRS and the VA have received bonuses for poor or no service. How can one receive bonuses for poor service unless that was a requirement to receive the bonus in the first place. Were the bonuses at the IRS dependent on how many of the opposition you could silence? Were the bonuses at the VA dependent on how many veterans you could deny services or lie about how much service was given?

The failed foreign policy, or better the lack of a foreign policy of this administration has cost more than the loss of Iraq, the impending loss of Afghanistan, the destabilization of Libya and the latest, the crisis in the Ukraine, it may well cause the collapse of NATO. Iraq was lost and Afghanistan will be lost for the same reasons, the failure of this administration to negotiate a Status of Forces Agreement(SOFA) with either country. How could this happen? BHO has no experience and is unwilling to negotiate, look at his record of negotiating with the republicans in congress where his policy is my way or the highway. Now we come to the latest foreign policy blunder, Russia, the Ukraine and the Crimea. Still no blame for BHO. Now BHO wants to clarify his foreign policy, frankly I do not see how the non-existent can be any clearer.

Think on this if you will. At a will reading you learn that you have been given a house, the same house that you always wanted and now you have it. You have just been given ownership of a house, the previous owner is no longer responsible for the house you are. It is a nice looking house so you decide to move in. Shortly after moving in and getting settled in your new home it begins to rain, as the rain becomes a downpour you discover that the roof leaks. You gather buckets, pots, pans and anything you can to catch the water to minimize the water damage. After the rain subsides you dispose of the captured water and climb on the roof for a look. You discover that the roof is corrupted and must be either repaired or replaced. You are angry about the condition of the roof, you forget for a moment that the corrupted roof is your roof, you begin to complain that the house you “inherited” has a corrupted roof and demand that the previous owner be held accountable. After all it is not your fault, all of your “friends” agree with you and together all blame the former owner. Then you remember that the corrupted roof is your roof and the former owner is not responsible for the roof you are. Then you make a really bad decision, even you have no roofing experience you decide to do it yourself. The harder you try the worse you make it, you are in over your head. The small corruption that was is now big corruption and the clouds are gathering. You again began to complain about the roof which had only a small leak will now have a big leak, all your “friends” agree that the leak is going to be bigger, because there was a small leak to begin with and the small leak was not your fault. Your “friends” will not tell you that it was you who made it worse than it was. You begin to gather buckets, pots and pans to catch the impending rain, but you discover that you do not have enough to catch the rain, your “friends” give you their buckets, pots and pans to catch the water to minimize the water damage. This process will continue on and on until you have completely corrupted the roof and nothing will keep the rain out, there will not be enough buckets, pots or pans in the world that can save the house from ruin. And still you and your “friends” will blame the former owner for the original leak, and you will even claim that the leak was getting worse anyway and your attempting to fix it without experience had nothing to do with it growing and ruining the house. What you needed from the start, when the leak was small and could be contained was a friend that did not always agree with you and would tell you the truth even if your feelings were hurt. He may even have said, hey you are no roofer you need a professional roofer, you will only make it worse. Your true friend would have also told you that your house is deeply in debt and that the whole house was your responsibility, the good and the bad. But you do not now or have you ever had such a friend as this. You will instead sit in the rain with no roof over your head and blame others for the rain, the water damage and the fact that you now have no roof, in a constant state of denial with all of your “friends”. Give the jet a rest and find a friend that will tell you the truth, your roof still leaks, your house is deep in debt, many of your neighbors are unemployed and the clouds are gathering.