A government out of control

There are many who say that America has lost her way, gone off track. There are also many who say that America is heading towards economic failure and societal breakdown. I say there is nothing wrong with America, she has not lost her way, instead she is being dragged off-track. Economic failure and societal breakdown are both real possibilities, and the order of occurrence is not important one will lead to the other.
If the current pace continues America will reach a tipping point, a point of no return. America at present has an administration that is hell-bent on continuing with the failed policies of LBJ. The “great society” which started in the 1960’s has done more to destroy society than it could ever have helped. The liberal progressives will not admit that the great society was and is a total and abject failure, rather they claim that more should have and could have been done. There is at present more people on government assistance than at any time in American history. The policy of government is to throw more and more money at a problem, when it should be to sit back and find the cause. Eliminate the cause and you eliminate the problem. Government instead wants to eliminate the problem leaving the cause in place. Leaving the cause in place will only insure the problem will resurface. This may well be the intent, a never-ending problem allowing government to come to the rescue again and again. This leads to government dependence, which is the intent of liberal progressives. Here is an example of fixing the problem but leaving the cause in place. A car has a flat tire because a nail is in the tire. Adding air cures the flat tire for a while, but it will slowly lose air and soon will be flat once again. True you solved the flat tire problem for a while and you can continue adding air at intervals to prevent it from continually going flat. Had you removed the nail and patched the tire you could move onto other things rather than dedicating so much energy and time to repeating one thing. The nail caused the tire to go flat not the lack of air. Eliminate the cause the problem is solved.
Now we have the “great society” part 2 or whatever number it is, two free years at a community college and the newest catch phrase “middle class economics”. No one much mentions the “war on poverty” any more. I would like to point out that nothing is free not even freedom, someone somewhere paid for it. America is the home of the free because of the brave. The “free” two years must be paid by someone somewhere.
Middle class economics is just the latest game of smoke and mirrors. It may look like a break for the middle class but it is intended to break the middle class. Hide and watch on this one, you will see.

At last check America is some 18 trillion dollars in debt. Not to mention there is a deficit. There are even rumors of unfunded liabilities. Debt is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as you can pay off your debt. Deficits on the other hand are a bad thing, you do not have enough money on hand to pay the bills. You may have enough to pay the interest but the principal never goes down and you spend a lifetime in debt. A shrinking deficit is still a deficit and is not a good thing, no matter how it is candy coated, short of funds is short of funds even if you are one cent short you are still short and you over-spent. Deficits are always bad. Borrowing more money to cover the deficit is about as stupid as it gets. If you do not have it now you will not have it later plus you now have to pay back what you were short. The problem with robbing Peter to pay Paul is that sooner or later Peter is going to want his money back.
The unfunded liabilities are down the road a piece but they will show up sooner than expected. It is on a collision course with the debt can.

I am no financial genius by any stretch of the imagination, but I do understand how money works. More than that, being somewhat mechanically inclined I understand how things work. I am also smart enough to know that if I am barely making ends meet I must make adjustments in spending. I also know that if I am not financially secure I can not help my neighbor if he or she experiences hard times. In other words I must help myself first before I can help others.
Which brings me to this point, if America is facing a deficit, meaning that there is not enough money to pay the bills, why the hell are billions of dollars being given, yes given to foreign countries. Some of the countries and governments receiving money from America could care less if America were to dry up and blow away. Are they being given money to keep them from attacking America or her interests. A form of appeasement, peace in exchange for money. They will not attack as long as they receive money. In other words they would not bite the hand that feeds them, sort of like a dog. What happens when the money runs out and it will eventually. A hungry dog will bite the hell out of anyone even its owner. Surely America is not paying a “tribute” to prevent attacks. It has been done before. It took military action to bring that to a halt, the money did not run out, they demanded more, and enough was enough. Check the words to the Marine Corps Hymn.
Could this also be the reason that BHO avoids the use of radical Islam, or is it something deeper. al-Qaeda are no longer called terrorists, they are now armed insurgents. Was Benghazi another appeasement? Just another stop on the apology tour.
Foreign governments and countries are not only being given billions of dollars they are being given arms, ammunition, equipment and training while limits are being placed on American citizens as to what weapons they can possess and limits on magazine size. Are we being set up for a take over.

The American government has become a government of political correctness, not using word or language which could offend political sensibilities. But what would one expect from a Politician, a person engaged in party politics as a profession, a person primarily interested in political office for selfish or other usually short-sighted reasons.

How much longer do we have? Part 6

The answer to the question may come down to simple mathematics, 53% can only support 100% for a short while, immigration reform will only add numbers to the 100% and will do nothing to increase the numbers in the 53%. The ratio of productive to non-productive only goes to illustrate and support my opinion that the politicians do not have the continued existence of America in their plans. A boat full of water can still remain at the surface, but it can not move or be moved, and will go completely under water and sink to the bottom when attacked by even the smallest of waves. To save our country we need to start pumping out the “water” now, we can not wait until we are level with the water’s surface. We should have starting “pumping” long ago. Even better we should have prevented any “water” from entering above what was needed for “ballast”, excess “water” is only “deadweight”. Riding high in a storm will capsize even the mightiest of vessels. We will go under at a 50/50 ratio, and no government plan will stop that. I may have spoken to soon about no government plan could stop that, the government could do as many families are doing now, just to manage to get through, during this magnificent economic recovery, have a yard sale. What could they possibly sell? The government could offer for sale the fleet of Presidential aircraft, no that wouldn’t work, if they were sold BHO and family couldn’t go on any more vacations, attend fund-raising events or just go golfing, and they could never let the elite do with-out. The Military is being cut to pre-WW2 levels, the government could sell the surplus equipment. We could offer small arms, ammunition, tanks, helicopters, jets, artillery pieces, uniforms, ships and all other un-needed weapons of destruction. But who or what countries could by the stuff? We could not invite Iran, they have no money, the economic sanctions imposed on them after the seizure of the U.S. embassy in Teheran have left them so economically devastated they couldn’t even continue their nuclear program. The Palestinian authority would be a good choice, at least we could get some of the money back we have given that terrorist basket case in the name of humanity. We could sell some to the Muslim Brotherhood they still have to beat Christians to death. I’m sure that North Korea, Syria, China, Russia and countless other small nations would “pony” up some cash for a few good pieces of surplus equipment, though most of the cash would be only the return the gifts of humanitarian aid. But the government must get in writing a stipulation that the weaponry will not be used against us or our friends(if there are any left). Everybody knows that government can be trusted and would never lie. Right! With all of that cash on hand the government could pay off the national debt, no that would never work. The government could further expand their social plans and give the “moochers and social parasites” a well deserved raise, this would work, the government could continue making loyalty payments. This cash would soon be exhausted, but not to worry the government could have another yard sale. The national archives, museums and our heritage could be sold to some foreign benefactor they alone should bring enough cash to pay-off the moochers, no they will never get enough. BHO and Congress have to feed the monster created out of fairness and equality, an again the money would squandered. The states that are resisting BHO and his minions could be offered up for sale, surly some foreign nation would love to get some prime real estate. Again the government would have cash, but it too would be squandered, forcing yet another yard sale and the cycle could continue until America was sold-out by a man with a vision of “hope and change”. Think about it, no nation on earth can beat us with force, but why should they, no need in wrecking the house you plan to buy.8660

If you don’t think the yard sale is possible consider the following.
The U.S.A. is 17 trillion dollars in debt and the corrupt politicians in Washington D.C. are still spending. The nations of the world will soon stop lending the U.S. money. The nations that the government has borrowed from will demand payment and they all know that it can not be repaid. The rest of the world will “dump” the dollar for some other currency. When, not if, this happens the government will have 2 options, both of which will end life in America as we know it.

The first option is this. There is an estimated 21 trillion dollars in retirement accounts across our land. I think that is a “little” high, but that’s what the “experts” say. I guess if you were to add the IRA’s(both paper and metals), employer funded retirement accounts, employer/employee funded retirement accounts, personal savings accounts and what is left in the social security trust fund you might arrive at a number that would be close to 21 trillion dollars. The government could simply seize all the personal wealth and use it to pay-off the national debt, leaving approximately 4 trillion in surplus(but as pointed out above, government would never do that, 21 trillion dollars would go along way in social reform). Enter the Government Retirement Accounts. The people(with common sense)would never stand for that, our streets would look like The Ukraine and Venezuela, but Americans won’t need to throw rocks. BHO will need a disaster natural or man-made to destroy the rest of the Constitution, and even then he would come-up short and he knows it. But, lets not forget what BHO said, We need a civilian force just as well-trained and as well armed as our military.

The second option is this. America could go to a cash-less society, after all almost everyone has a debit card, and almost all that still have a job are required to have direct deposit. BHO could just issue an executive order requiring that every American have a bank account with a debit card and must have direct deposit. No matter which bank you use they all would be government-owned and controlled, government would have all of the money. Possession of cash would be a crime, all transactions would be electronic. With the exception of a banking crisis the economic environment is the same now as it was just before the “great depression”, remove the cash and there can be no banking crisis. One more thing would be needed, government imposed spending limits(that would sound “goofy” coming from a government that knows no limits when it comes to spending)so the balance sheets stay in the black. Special government approval would be needed to determine the necessity of large dollar amount purchases. This would require yet another government agency to over see purchases above what the government deemed needed to support everyday life. The government would finally have ultimate control over our lives, simply by allowing or disallowing commerce at every level no more freedom of choice. You could no longer purchase an item that could possibly harm a child, be misused or in any way cause mental anguish. Everything must be government approved. Everything could be rationed to ensure that everyone has equal access. Everybody would be and therefore could say that “I work for the government”. There would be numbers in each persons account reflecting a line of credit the person had at their disposal, with government approval of course, but they would be just that, numbers, the same as we will become. Freedom would become like the stock market, only an illusion.

The few remaining countries that are willing to loan money to the U.S.A. are now able to black-mail our government. They demand that our government to make concessions. BHO has already started trading away national assets, and signing away parts of our national sovereignty to the U.N. As pointed out you can only sell or give away so much, eventually you will lose your identity. We may already have been sold. Could a one world government be in our future? Who would lead? Putin? BHO?

Mathematically we are existing as a nation on borrowed time. I never liked math, I can do it though, and even balance a check book. Wish the government could. History provides the answers if you know where to look.e229100d8bfa22d1e815b6b51c639b87

To be continued!

Here it come folks GRA (Government Retirement Accounts).

The President has “tipped his mitt” and totally “flipped” his lid. His new government(tax payer)backed retirement program (MyRA) will leave the poor “saps” he claims to be looking out for, with even less disposable income if they fall for this lie. MyRA is no kind of retirement plan, it simply takes after tax dollars and uses them to buy treasury notes that only currently pay 1.47% interest. We already have a mandatory retirement plan Social Security(unless you are a sitting elected Representative for the people)that we are forced to contribute straight from our paycheck. The combined forced deductions for Social Security and Medicare are 7.65% and your employer is forced to match that amount. Social Security is in trouble, between the unemployment and waste(using the Social Security Trust Fund to fund pet projects)the money will simply run out. To prevent “money exhaustion” the Government will simply ask the lower-income crowd to simply and voluntarily give them more under the pretense of planning for their retirement. If they can’t get enough participation in their latest scheme, they will simply pass a law or through Executive Order mandating employers to offer matching IRAs. Then will come a plea, for all Americans to contact their elected representatives and demand equality in retirement for all Americans. After all, no one wants un-equality or the elderly and vulnerable to suffer. Then will come the ultimate goal of this Socialist regime that has been installed in Washington D.C., Government Retirement Accounts. Just think, everything you have worked and saved for, all your life, will be seized to fund a Government sponsored fund in the name of equality and fairness. I don’t know about you but, I didn’t eat a lot of soup just so someone else could have steak and potatoes. I ate a lot of soup when I was younger, so I could have steak and potatoes whenever I wanted.
Problem is, the Government has been in charge of Social Security since the beginning, and now is heading towards insolvency. If the Government can’t even demonstrate competency with that task, how can you expect or even trust them to over see another retirement system? And just which of our “trustworthy and honest” Government agencies will oversee this new system, that is doomed to fail? They will do the same as they always have done, they will lie, cheat and steal. A Government Retirement Account could be a new and powerful weapon to use against any perceived enemies, just like the IRS. After all then the Government would be able to set the programs retirement age and amount of monthly payments friends get more earlier, enemies get less later. Maybe, a new Government department should be created to oversee the program, The Department of Equality and Fairness. That would create a new cabinet level position and another chance to nominate another person that probably cheated on their taxes.
Why is it that everything needs a “comprehensive” reform but Social Security? Could it be that all the money is missing? If the Social Security Administration was audited and the books opened to scrutiny, what would be found? If all of the money is “missing” how could it be replaced? The answer is simple, seize all private retirement accounts(it just takes an Executive Order) before the disclosure, and to hide that crime move the money around playing a shell game until another crisis or scandal(real or made-up)could distract the people. If all of the money is still there, why all the noise and fear mongering?
The Politicians and economists claim that people aren’t saving because they don’t have enough money to save. To this I say “Bovine Feces”. People don’t save because they have never learned the value of a dollar. They are only following the example that you set. When I Make my weekly trip to town for groceries I am appalled at the numbers of people(large people)standing in line with the EBT and SNAP cards, talking on the latest smart phone, purchasing better quality food with tax payer dollars than my family can eat. Some people will stand in line for hours or even days, to purchase the newest video game console, video game or smart phone(they always have money for these)but can never have a dime to save.
This is for the Politicians. You have taught them well, they have never learned to be responsible, just live for today and never worry about tomorrow and budgets, we don’t need budgets. The next time you go to your home district just look around, what you see is your legacy. You have done America a great disservice by your service. You have cast upon this Nation a generation, and in some cases generations, of citizens with no sense of self-reliance that are totally dependent on Government assistance for every aspect of their daily lives. Next comes the Government planning for their retirement and life afterwards. When will you tend to the affairs as spelled out in the constitution and quit meddling in the daily lives of the responsible Americans? Maybe if you would set a better example and became good stewards of this Nation, then maybe, just maybe the dependent would be independent. The truly needy do need help, the lazy do not.
In my home everyone knows the value of a dollar, and to insure no waste, a name is attached to every dollar and it is treated as a friend. No one worth their “salt” will squander a friendship.
But, if you really want to learn about equality and fairness do the following. Research your home district or state, see what the pay is in your hometown highest to lowest, pick the middle number, take that much money with you and try living on it. Don’t forget to save some for retirement. Sure hope you like soup.