Awareness of Surroundings

I have to wonder how many in todays times are actually of their surroundings. I wonder if they know what is around them, and perhaps more importantly what is missing from their surroundings. Is today the same as yesterday? The day before? Even last week? Do they even know something is missing? Is there something there that should not be? Is something missing that should be there, and usually is there?

Being aware of what goes on from day-to-day is basic intelligence gathering. The sudden absence of a normally present thing should be a signal or even a warning that something is wrong. The sudden appearance of something that has never been present before should also be a signal or warning that something is wrong. London and its citizens have suffered through 3 terrorist attacks in recent weeks. The first was on a bridge, the second was at a concert and the third was another bridge. Having never visited London I do not know the lay-out of your city or the habits of the people. I would expect that pedestrian traffic is common, in fact expected and normal in a large city such as London. I would expect both native Europeans as well as non-native Europeans walk about the city even using bridges as pedestrians. I do not keep up with your death totals nor the injured, besides I very seriously doubt that the breakdown lists the race, color or religion of the victims. Probably only the names and ages are given and possibly a photo.

By all accounts every large city in Europe has a Muslim population. I am quite sure that not all of them have their very own car. Point is if they are not riding they are walking to get somewhere. If you are out walking daily and encounter Muslims and then one day there are none there is a problem, some people call that a clue. Now I would not expect to encounter a Muslim out Christmas shopping or at a concert, but if they normally are out walking I would certainly expect to encounter them day-in and day-out. Were there any Muslim victims in the attacks, killed or injured? I do not mean the attackers, they are not victims they are criminal murderous vermin.

This brings a few questions that should be asked.
Do Muslims cross the bridges in London on foot? If they do, were there any Muslim pedestrians crossing during the times of the two pedestrian attacks? If they do not, then one would not expect to encounter them there. London, I am told is absolutely covered with CCTV, the cameras will have that answer.
If they are normally there but not there during the attacks, why were they suddenly missing? If they are suddenly missing then the people of London have a very serious problem, as do the citizens of every city and town in the West. They knew not to be there. How did they know not to be there? Coincidence?