A Donkey mated with an Elephant the result was America got screwed

The true culprits in this mad experiment are the liberal position of “evolution” and “mad radical scientists”. The government laboratories were the site of this project. The donor subjects were gathered, the scientists harvested the needed materials from the “donors”. The mad radical scientists knew that the new “creature” would be not only ungainly even possibly unable to move or care for its own self, it would also be easily recognized. Deception would be needed at this juncture. The further aid of science was needed because the new “creature” must look exactly like an elephant. The science of DNA came into play. The “mad scientists” arrived at the conclusion that they would also need other “donors” to complete the task. The other “donor” subjects were gathered they were a chameleon, an ant and a termite. The needed materials were harvested from these “donors”.

The chameleon was chosen because if its ability to change to fit the surroundings. The new “creature” must be able to change quickly to fit the surroundings or opinions of others nearby. A true liberal position of being all things to all people.

The ant was chosen because they are industrious. The new “creature” must at all times appear to be busy working for America and the American citizens interests.

The termite was chosen simply because of its ability to eat and destroy.

All the harvested materials were then mixed together in a petri dish then injected back into the donor elephant. This could not be a “test tube operation”, that would reveal that science had created the “creature” and it was not a product of evolution. Live birth was needed, giving the illusion that an elephant had given birth to an elephant not a “creature”. No liberals called for the abortion of this creature and it was protected. The Creature was born and it sure looked like an elephant.

Time passed and the “creature” grew up to become a politician. It gave its self a name, it became a “compassionate conservative”. The outward appearance of an elephant, the inner workings of a donkey, the ability to change appearance like the chameleon, the busyness of an ant and the destructiveness of a termite.

The liberals chose the path of science to create the compassionate conservative, evolution takes too long. No known attempts have been made to mate an elephant with a donkey, probably would not survive any way. But if any attempts are made leave the termite out of the mix, our country has suffered enough destruction.

Anyway happy Tax day, mailed the crooks another “pound of flesh”.

She saw the offspring, and they are hideous.

She saw the offspring, and they are hideous.