Energy wars

The Countries of the world have been stripped or their right to self-determination and The Ukraine is no different. The world was in uproar over the decision of the people of The Crimea to leave the control of The Ukraine and return to Mother Russia. The same thing is happening now in The Ukraine as they try to leave the sphere of influence of the E.U. and return to Mother Russia even if it breaks The Ukraine in half. The “cold war” ended with the collapse of the U.S.S.R., the “cold war” was waged on behalf of the people of the former U.S.S.R., the “free world” saw you as an oppressed people who were denied the right of self-determination and democracy. Sort of a good versus evil thing. You now have and have had the right of self-determination and democracy since the fall of the U.S.S.R. or do you and have you ever. How did your leaders come to power? Did you select them or were they selected for you? You and I both know the answer to that. The “cold War” never escalated into a “hot war”, though there were many smaller wars, kind of getting a “feel” of the other sides weapons and equipment and getting to try your stuff out in battle without risk. The reason it never escalated beyond some taunting moves was because of “Mutually Assured Destruction”(MAD). There could be a new cold war, “cold war2”, which could be waged ironically because The Ukraine acted in a purely democratic way and was attempting self-determination. This time it could escalate quickly into a “hot war”, with many new players, some of which do not care about total destruction, they only want the other side dead no matter the cost to themselves. The major players are already picking sides, the minor players will side with the most beneficial to their own cause. You do not matter you could just be the starting point for what ever comes. When the Ukraine became free and independent your leadership must have missed the part about responsibility and obligations. You now find yourself heavily in debt to Russia and several other countries of the world. Russia may demand payment of the debts, how will you pay them? Will you borrow the money or sell your country off in bits and pieces? You are obligated to repay your debts. Rest easy in this, the world is in your corner, asking, no telling Russia not to use energy as a weapon, I think they meant not to use debt as a weapon, and warning Russia there will be consequences. Now the world wants to help you develop your natural resources to ease you off Russian energy dependence. What will be demanded in exchange? Why are not the people and energy companies coming to your aid not harvesting the resources in their own countries? Why all the interest now? Simple, Russia will develop the resources in the Ukraine, after you vote in a purely democratic fashion to rejoin Mother Russia, giving them more wealth and power, but it comes at a cost. Russia just annexed The Crimea, in a purely democratic fashion the majority spoke and their wish was granted. However Russia had to absorb the debts of The Crimea, you can not charge yourself. The Crimea possibly has many energy resources and Russia has the technology to get at them. The reason Russia wanted The Ukraine to delay the referendum to return to Mother Russia was purely financial, if The Ukraine returns the same issue arises, debt absorption. Russia needs time to adjust financial resources, and make energy deals with other countries, to absorb the debts of a returning Ukraine. Much the same as when companies merge or there is a takeover, not only do you get the company you also inherit the debts and liabilities, even if the debt is to yourself. Russia does want and intends to return to its “heyday”, but that requires a lot of money, money that will be needed upfront. Mother Russia is willing to welcome home all of the “satellites”, but is not financially ready, yet, and would prefer to be the one to pick the time. The remaining “satellites” can soon expect the arrival of people and companies to help you harvest your natural resources, under the guise of lessening your dependence on Russian energy. Again they will harvest the resources in your country and not theirs. Why you ask, it is because their country has something yours does not, environmental activists that must be appeased or the EPA. They are only getting at it before the Russians can, your best interests are not a big concern and neither is the environment. One thing for sure, the Russians are coming, or more correctly you will be going to the Russians.

Russia has found itself out front for many reasons, the sanctions placed on Russia are purely symbolic. Most of Europe relies on Russian energy and any sanctions placed on Russia will only result in a decreased flow of gas to Europe. The harsher the sanction the lesser the energy flows. Russia is almost in a position to set the rules for the world. Russia supplies most of the energy for all of Europe, and may already have a deal to supply energy to China. Either of these instances can provide a lot of cash to Russia, combining these makes Russia an economic powerhouse. Even the U.S.A. has to send Russia money. The Russians are paid handsomely for providing a ride to space. The Afghani Army is furnished, free of charge, with Russian weapons and equipment including a contract for spare parts, bought by the U.S.A. The same equipment could have been built here in America providing Americans with jobs. True enough the money used to buy the equipment for the Afghani Army was tax money, but it could have been wasted here instead of giving Russia more money and power, if you intend to waste money at least waste it in the right place. But this could have been a “done deal” as far back as when BHO closed NASA and ended our Space Program, as a stipulation on providing a taxi service to the ISS, after all it was a no bid contract. Russia in fact, by default, now owns the ISS and sets the rules on supply and relief flights. What will BHO and the rest of the world do if Russia decides to no longer take anyone but Russian Cosmonauts to the ISS? How long before we could build and test a new “orbiter”, not to mention gather the people to run the program? How long before the Chinese will have a functional and safe “orbiter”? Can the ISS be weaponized? Will it have to be destroyed?

And do not forget about China drilling in the waters off Vietnam.

Will the coming energy wars be the catalyst for WW3?

The world barely let out a whimper over The Crimea, but they are digging in their hells over the Ukraine. If you ask why, the answer is energy resources they are readily available and the world is energy hungry. This is the equation: energy resources equals money, money equals power, power equals domination.