Wrong Title

The president of the U.S.A. has long been looked to as, and referred to as the Leader of the Free World. That statement is not only false, it is down right dangerous, and becoming more dangerous. The President of the United States of America is just that the President of the United States of America, he is not the Leader of the free word, he is however president of the greatest nation in the free world. The label of Leader of the Free World can give one an over-inflated opinion of ones self. This over-inflated opinion did not begin with BHO but it has surely become more noticeable with BHO.

Think how the world has been affected by the action of a person proudly wearing and accepting the label of the Leader of the Free World. The supposed Leader of the Free World actually thinks he knows what is right for the free world. He does this when he does not even know what is best for America, the United States of America. Reaction by Reason and Logic is replaced by Reaction by and from emotion. Giving no thought to what comes next.

Let me use this example. The Colonials living in what would become the United States of America, did not need another country or government to tell them how bad it was to live under tyranny and oppression. They new first hand what living under tyranny and oppression was like. No other country came forward to offer to help defeat Britain if we would try their form of government, it would have been rejected because the Colonials had a better idea. It was the Colonials who fought off the yoke of tyranny and oppression not the government they would form. They sought to build a country like no other and establish a government like no other. A government of, by and for the people. No longer a people of, by and for the government. The people wanted to be free, the word “wanted” is key here.

Some examples of what happens when a person that is the President of the United States of America starts to believe that he or she is the Leader of the Free World.

Iraq. Had the people reached a point where they said “no more” and rise up? That is what the citizens of Colonial America did. Did some outside influence think that they had the right answer, regime change. A people who have lived under a dictator can not be made to be free they must want it. Some people can not handle freedom and liberty, others do not want it. Freedom and Liberty come with a cost, until people are ready to pay the cost they will not seek it. When Freedom and Liberty are gained they must be safeguarded and if necessary fought for to keep. GWB did not understand that simple concept. No matter the pretext for regime change, there is a life after for the people. Removing Saddam Hussein removed one problem and created another, religious sectarian violence and near civil war. BHO did not consider what would happen when he abandoned Iraq, more religious sectarian violence and the rise of ISIL, that became ISIS and now simply IS.

Libya. Again was it the people, citizens of Libya that rose up and said “No More”? Or was it some outside influences come in to stir the “pudding”. The statement from above apply in this case also.

Syria, Egypt, Afghanistan, Yemen and The Ukraine. Again was it the people, the citizens of these countries who rose up and said “No More”, or is some outside influence or influences?

Reacting out of emotion rather than reacting from reason and logic. Being a person born in a Free nation and enjoying the Liberties that go along with that make it hard to observe or hear about the atrocities suffered by the people of a nation ruled by a dictator. The instant reaction is to free them, that is emotion. Reason and logic should take hold and stop you before you can act, but sadly there are politicians and those who see themselves as the Leader of the Free world that do not. The Leader of the Free World acts before he thinks.

Meddling is not a good foreign policy and division is not a good domestic policy.

There was never a need for and no country has the right to force their will on another country. But, I guess you thought the right when you took on the title Leader of the Free World.

The next person elected President of the United States of America needs to be reminded of that fact, President of the United States of America is your title, you are not the Leader of the Free World you were not elected to that post.

The United States of America has enjoyed a head start on the rest of the world. The key reason for this is written in history. History is loaded with examples of what has failed and what has merely existed. America was not born to fail. America has not merely existed. America has thrived and grown. One part of growing is making mistakes, another part of growing is not repeating mistakes. America does not live in the past, if one stays in the past they only stagnate and are reduced from thriving and growing to merely existing and eventually going to a footnote in history.
A side note on the founding of America. This is for those who do not believe God had a hand in the founding of America and the well-being since. Was it by chance or design that so many would be at the same place at the same time wanting freedom and liberty and then enough at one place at one time willing to make the sacrifices to make it happen?

Feeding the Monsters

There are certainly many Monsters roaming America and the planet, and feeding them will certainly keep them alive and well. Throughout history Monsters have been associated with Evil, and Evil has been associated with Monsters.

One prime example of a Monster historically documented was Hitler, and no one can deny that Hitler was Evil. Hitler was even called Monstrously Evil. Hitler was ultimately destroyed along with Nazism. The Monster and the Evil he created were defeated and destroyed. There have been many other men and women throughout history who were Monsters and certainly Evil. Without fail each and every one of them were associated with fear, oppression and broken promises. Most rose to power feeding on fear, oppression and promising to make things better for the middle class, while others were born into power. Monsters create other Monsters and Evil creates more Evil, each feeding off of the other.

The problem with Monsters is that all of them do not always appear in life as they appear in fairy tales and in the movies, if they did they would be easy to recognize. Monsters are one of life’s great deceptions. Monsters may not look or appear as Monsters but they are incapable of hiding their inner Monstrous tendencies eventually they are exposed for what they are. The problem with Evil is that Evil does not always appear as Evil. Evil can and most often appears as good or necessary. Evil is another of life’s great deceptions. There is the notion that evil can be used for good, as far-fetched as that seems.

Monsters and the Evils that they create can only exist in darkness and secrecy. To be rid of them they must be exposed to the light and truth.

The question one should be asking, at least the one I was asking myself, is why would someone intentionally continue to feed the Monster and allow the Evil it creates to continue. The Monster and the Evil that I am referring to is ISIL/ISIS/The Islamic State. Given the military might of this nation, why does the Islamic State, as they now refer to themselves, continue to exist? The Monster and the Evil it does survives and thrives.

Last week Delta Force was successful in eliminating one of the Islamic State’s top thugs. In the same week the Islamic State was able to successfully attack two towns, Ramadi in Iraq and Palmyra in Syria. Our military under the brilliant leadership of BHO focuses on taking out one man while IS focuses on taking and occupying two towns in two different countries. IS is able to recruit from nearly every country in the world the dead man will soon be replaced. The two towns will cost more than one man to retake.

Multi-million dollar aircraft and priceless pilots are being sent out to bomb trucks in the desert. This same tactic was used in Viet Nam with disastrous results.

This why I say the Monster is still being fed. IS is still being resupplied with world-class military equipment. The defenders of Ramadi dropped their weapons and abandoned their equipment to include tanks in the face of IS fighters. That plus what they picked in the Palmyra offensive should give U.S. airpower more and new targets. As long as the Iraqi forces cut-and-run IS should have a never-ending supply of equipment and airpower should have a never-ending supply of targets. How many times have American combat aircraft and bombers flown missions only to destroy American equipment?

The spokesmouth for BHO said the Iraqi forces that dropped their weapons and abandoned their equipment in the face of an IS attack were not trained by the U.S. This brings up two questions.
First, who trained them? The ones who were trained should be training. The U.S. should have trained the trainers.
Second, if they were not trained by the U.S. then why the hell were the using American equipment?

The U.S. Military Academies are still open, aren’t they? Why have not great military commanders leaders like Patton, Bradley, Eisenhower, MacArthur, Nimitz, Halsey, Puller and the rest come out of West Point, VMI, Annapolis and the rest. Or have they and they have been side-lined or fired? Is someone afraid one of them might go full Patton on IS?

Keeping IS alive and well could be just as intended, never actually intending to defeat them gives one and enemy and war, even if limited, for life.

If BHO is un-willing to use the massive military might against IS, who is he planning to un-leash it on? Is there another Monster and great Evils in some ones future? Training for something. Ukraine? JADE HELM?

The more things change the more things actually remain the same

Here is some “food for thought”. Government is all about power and control with an interest in its continued existence and growth. Did the “political landscape” in Washington, D.C. really change all that much after the elections of this past November? A few new “congress critters” moved into the capital building and a few political appointees departed the administration. There was no line of moving company trucks lining the highways out of D.C. With few exceptions none of the defeated and vanquished left D.C. Lobbyist Boulevard provided a large part of new staffers and the majority of the former staffers took up residence on Lobbyist Boulevard, exchanging offices and waiting for the next election. Even the politicians engage in this activity, changing offices but remaining in town. This happens with each election, staying on scene to continue pushing an agenda, shameful and unethical activity but not necessarily criminal. Maybe this would be an idea for a new law, lose an election pack up and leave, go back and live with the constituents you ignored or screwed over for so long. Wave good-bye to the money and power. Would there be any congress critter be brave enough to introduce such legislation? Would be one brave enough to co-sponsor such legislation? Would such legislation ever come to vote on the floor of either legislative body? Would any president be brave enough to sign the legislation into law if it were to appear on his or her desk? The answer would be NO in each case. Government has no plans to do to themselves what the seem to do with what their impedes their agenda, comprehensive reform.

Making small effective changes is not the policy of government. The policy of government is to institute large ineffective changes, without regard to cause of harm. Pushing the agenda and fulfilling political party objectives.

This post is not about the politicians and their staffers, it is about those that remain forever in government, Bureaucrats. These are the people in the various governmental agencies, the alphabet agencies, BLM, IRS, BATFE, DOE, EPA and all the others. These same individuals remain in government employment regardless of performance. They are not elected they are appointed or hired and have no legislative authority yet they enact rules and regulations that the population of the country must live and exist under. Like the politicians the agencies always leave themselves an “out”.

Think about this, the same IRS that targeted opposition party groups will still exist under the next administration and the political party agenda. The same ATF that seeks to ban one kind of rifle ammunition will still exist no matter who is president. The same EPA that seeks to ban lead bullets based on being a toxic substance will still exist. The agencies will still exist with the same bureaucrats occupying the office space. There will be some department head changes and the secretaries of each department will be changed, but the bureaucrats will remain.

What bothers me most about bureaucrats, not all but the vast majority, is the apparent lack of personal traits and core values, morals, honor and ethics. There was a time when government employees were called civil servants or public servants and that was how the job was viewed. It should be an honor to serve the public, but the public must be served honorably. The bureaucrats of today and even yesterday at the very least are self-serving or at the very worst are serving your master, and your master is government and the political agenda of whoever is at the helm. You no longer serve the public or public trust. You do what is necessary to save your job and rely on government employee unions to prevent firing for inefficiency or breaking the public trust. You will not quit in protest of destructive polices, you just go with the flow. The rules you place on us are the agenda of the current political party in power.

This part is for the ones who finally leave and then write your memoirs. I would not read your book for the following reason. You did not speak up or out while you held your government job. You waited until you separated yourself from the administration to say anything. You did nothing to jeopardize your precious job and would not offend the master.

A government out of control

There are many who say that America has lost her way, gone off track. There are also many who say that America is heading towards economic failure and societal breakdown. I say there is nothing wrong with America, she has not lost her way, instead she is being dragged off-track. Economic failure and societal breakdown are both real possibilities, and the order of occurrence is not important one will lead to the other.
If the current pace continues America will reach a tipping point, a point of no return. America at present has an administration that is hell-bent on continuing with the failed policies of LBJ. The “great society” which started in the 1960’s has done more to destroy society than it could ever have helped. The liberal progressives will not admit that the great society was and is a total and abject failure, rather they claim that more should have and could have been done. There is at present more people on government assistance than at any time in American history. The policy of government is to throw more and more money at a problem, when it should be to sit back and find the cause. Eliminate the cause and you eliminate the problem. Government instead wants to eliminate the problem leaving the cause in place. Leaving the cause in place will only insure the problem will resurface. This may well be the intent, a never-ending problem allowing government to come to the rescue again and again. This leads to government dependence, which is the intent of liberal progressives. Here is an example of fixing the problem but leaving the cause in place. A car has a flat tire because a nail is in the tire. Adding air cures the flat tire for a while, but it will slowly lose air and soon will be flat once again. True you solved the flat tire problem for a while and you can continue adding air at intervals to prevent it from continually going flat. Had you removed the nail and patched the tire you could move onto other things rather than dedicating so much energy and time to repeating one thing. The nail caused the tire to go flat not the lack of air. Eliminate the cause the problem is solved.
Now we have the “great society” part 2 or whatever number it is, two free years at a community college and the newest catch phrase “middle class economics”. No one much mentions the “war on poverty” any more. I would like to point out that nothing is free not even freedom, someone somewhere paid for it. America is the home of the free because of the brave. The “free” two years must be paid by someone somewhere.
Middle class economics is just the latest game of smoke and mirrors. It may look like a break for the middle class but it is intended to break the middle class. Hide and watch on this one, you will see.

At last check America is some 18 trillion dollars in debt. Not to mention there is a deficit. There are even rumors of unfunded liabilities. Debt is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as you can pay off your debt. Deficits on the other hand are a bad thing, you do not have enough money on hand to pay the bills. You may have enough to pay the interest but the principal never goes down and you spend a lifetime in debt. A shrinking deficit is still a deficit and is not a good thing, no matter how it is candy coated, short of funds is short of funds even if you are one cent short you are still short and you over-spent. Deficits are always bad. Borrowing more money to cover the deficit is about as stupid as it gets. If you do not have it now you will not have it later plus you now have to pay back what you were short. The problem with robbing Peter to pay Paul is that sooner or later Peter is going to want his money back.
The unfunded liabilities are down the road a piece but they will show up sooner than expected. It is on a collision course with the debt can.

I am no financial genius by any stretch of the imagination, but I do understand how money works. More than that, being somewhat mechanically inclined I understand how things work. I am also smart enough to know that if I am barely making ends meet I must make adjustments in spending. I also know that if I am not financially secure I can not help my neighbor if he or she experiences hard times. In other words I must help myself first before I can help others.
Which brings me to this point, if America is facing a deficit, meaning that there is not enough money to pay the bills, why the hell are billions of dollars being given, yes given to foreign countries. Some of the countries and governments receiving money from America could care less if America were to dry up and blow away. Are they being given money to keep them from attacking America or her interests. A form of appeasement, peace in exchange for money. They will not attack as long as they receive money. In other words they would not bite the hand that feeds them, sort of like a dog. What happens when the money runs out and it will eventually. A hungry dog will bite the hell out of anyone even its owner. Surely America is not paying a “tribute” to prevent attacks. It has been done before. It took military action to bring that to a halt, the money did not run out, they demanded more, and enough was enough. Check the words to the Marine Corps Hymn.
Could this also be the reason that BHO avoids the use of radical Islam, or is it something deeper. al-Qaeda are no longer called terrorists, they are now armed insurgents. Was Benghazi another appeasement? Just another stop on the apology tour.
Foreign governments and countries are not only being given billions of dollars they are being given arms, ammunition, equipment and training while limits are being placed on American citizens as to what weapons they can possess and limits on magazine size. Are we being set up for a take over.

The American government has become a government of political correctness, not using word or language which could offend political sensibilities. But what would one expect from a Politician, a person engaged in party politics as a profession, a person primarily interested in political office for selfish or other usually short-sighted reasons.

Enjoy it while you can consumers and retailers alike

I have enjoyed the falling gas prices of recent as have some retailers I have been doing commerce with, much to the chagrin of Wall Street and the investors. More on Wall Street and the investors later. But for now.

Good news with the falling gas prices I now find myself with more disposable income. This is how this works for me. First I have had no significant pay raises in quite some time, therefore even though I have a job I live on a fixed income. My pay is split into the following. First I cover the basic necessities food, clothing and shelter. Second are the utilities. Third is gas costs to get my butt to work, figured by actual miles driven and fuel mileage. Fourth is to save 10% of what is left. Why 10% you ask, because I know and have known that even though I am required to pay into Social Security I will not get a monthly check, the money will run out. Fifth give to the Church. Sixth what ever is left is disposable, meaning it is spent in the local area in an attempt to keep the employed, employed. If what I want to buy is not available in the local area, then I must shop outside, either way someone has a job. Consequently the less the third costs me the more of number 6 I have, the more number three costs the less of number 6 I have.
More good news. The falling gas prices have allowed me to take the boat out more often. Going fishing more often has meant more trips to the bait store and the gas station. The owner of the bait store has had more business, selling shrimp. The owner of the gas station has been selling more gas. The owner of the shrimp boat has been going out more often and catching shrimp, if no one is fishing he can not sell his shrimp that are to small for restaurants. The fuel for the shrimp boat costs less, the shrimp he sells costs less, the owner of the bait store sells shrimp for less because they cost him less, I go fishing more often and buy more shrimp and gas. All of this is because fuel prices have come down. Yes, economics are this simple.
I understand supply and demand. If the supply is low and demand is high prices go up. If the supply is high and demand is low prices come down. I also understand that supply can be manipulated to effect price. I also understand this if production and transportation costs are low so are prices, and that the opposite is true.

Items 1, 4 and 5 are not negotiable and will be done. Item 2 fluctuates with the season. Item 3 is a must, if my butt does not get to work none of them happen. Item 6 is dependent on all before.
The only one that I have even the slightest control over is second, the utilities, but only to a certain extent. I can control how much electricity I use but I can not control the cost.

Bad news my power company will be raising the rates for electricity this month. My electric bill will be increasing thereby effecting my disposable income. New regulations from the feds.
More bad news, the new republican controlled congress is considering raising the gas tax. This too will affect my disposable income.
Even more bad news, for the owner of the gas station, I will be buying less gas. To the owner of the bait store, I will be stopping by less often for shrimp. To the owner of the shrimp boat, the owner of the bait store will be needing less shrimp. We all will likely be needing less fuel.

The federal government once again has it all backwards. In an attempt to take more from the American people, they will in all probability end up with less. The federal government should be finding a way to lessen the burden on business. Business will get people back to work not the federal government. If more people were working, more people would be going to work and buying gas to get there. Stop taking and use what you have already taken, but use it wisely. Tell America where all of the money in the Highway Trust Fund went. While you are at it tell America where all the money you took from us went. The only money you seem to have enough of is welfare money, never hear that it is used up, must not be many on welfare. Since there must be a surplus of welfare money use it to fill up the other accounts. Surely you have not done the opposite. Have you?

Now to Wall Street and the investors. Frankly, I do not give a rat’s butt about your worries and concerns about the falling gas prices. The only reason that Wall Street has been doing so good is that the feds have been pumping money into your stock market. Directly or Indirectly. With the feds holding the interest rate at or near zero the investments have been flowing to Wall Street. Where else is there to invest with any real possibility of a descent return? Do not worry yourself too much I am quite sure your friends in Congress will bail you out once again. Just for grins and giggles disclose how much money really is in the stock market. You are not driving the Economy. The only thing you are driving is America to the poor house with the aid of Congress, Politicians and the Fed.

Out with the Old, In with the New, Problem is that they are the Same

The 114th Congress will be no different from the 113th. Leadership positions and appointments to committees will be based on party loyalty. Adherence to party platforms and party loyalty are the key to success to politicians. If a congressional member is seen as a problem to the leadership or to the party they can forget high-profile committees and will find themselves safely tucked into corner. Where they remain unknown and obscure, until they come around to the leaderships and parties way of thinking. Back-rooms are where committee memberships and leadership positions are assigned after an understanding is reached. The leadership protects itself from rivalry and in-fighting by insuring the minor leaders will not stray. Arm-twisting and coercion, a sort of political blackmail. The outside will never be allowed inside.

Political corruption runs much deeper than just the politicians and their respective parties. Is it really the leadership that names who to the committees? What role does the political party have in committee appointments? The political parties control the politicians, but who or what controls the political parties? Political parties survive on money, donations. The donations to the political parties come from lobbyists, PACs, and special interest groups. The donors see their donations as investments and want to see a positive return on their investment, no positive return, no more investment. So, who really controls appointments to committees and leadership. With-out the appointment to the right committee the politician is never introduced to the right people. So, which politician will sell him or herself out to get on the right committee to meet the right people?

The Republicans were handed a huge victory in November, yet they acted as though they had lost. Rather than a continuing resolution to fund the government until February, they pushed through a massive 1.1 Trillion dollar omnibus bill to fully fund the government, except one obscure section of DHS, until the end of the fiscal year. There are only two reasons for this to happen. 1. You establishment Republicans could not trust that the new members of Congress would continue doing business as usual, they may cause a wave upsetting your apple cart. 2. The 113th Congress were all of the same party. Not to mention the fact that not only did the omnibus bill pass before the new Congress convened none of you bothered to read it, but you each made sure that your donors were amply rewarded.

I can do math, your vain attempt, in the House at passing the Keystone XL pipeline bill and sending it to the Senate hoping that it would pass and go forward to BHO was for what purpose. This was another back-room deal, but it back-fired and died in the Senate, missed by 1 vote. Now you will try again, even if it is a clean bill, which I doubt, BHO will veto it. You do not have enough votes to override a Veto, and you know it. In order for BHO not to veto you will have to give him a lot. This is more likely, you know the veto pen will come out on the pipeline, and the crying begins anew. When the republicans gained the house, nothing got done and more crying ensued. The republicans controlled the House but need the senate to get anything done. The veto by BHO will lead to more crying we need the White house too. This bull-shit crying began in 2010 and has not stopped, nor will it. Excuses will be given for why the Congress failed to do anything and BHO did everything either by executive order or memorandum. News for you, you had the House, the Senate and the White House at one time and nothing but spending occurred and the government grew then as it grows now.

In all actuality you have no desire to stop BHO, you have no desire to stop the amnesty by executive order and you have no desire to stop Obamacare. This is best illustrated by your passing the omnibus spending bill before the new Congress. Some of the new members may have been serious about their campaign promises, even if you were not. The fact that it passed without being read speaks volumes about your character and you ineptness. The speed at which it was done only serves to prove that you, the establishment republicans could not and can not trust the new members of Congress.

This is why you will not stop BHO. The establishment politicians have been patiently awaiting his arrival, it did not have to be BHO but one like him. You have been patiently waiting for things to come together. Some career politicians waited so long they died in office.

The three separate branches of government were never meant to work together, the original intent was to keep the others in check. The Congress was sent to work for the people and the states not to work with the president.

It is beginning to look like America may have hitched the wagon to the wrong team

I have said it before, I will say it again and I will keep saying it. America in general and the American People have no representation in Washington D.C. The only things that are Represented in Washington D.C. are, and they are in this order, The Political Parties, The Lobbyists, and The Special Interest Groups. The Candidate is not on the ballot, the Political Party is. This is easily proven by the order of name political party affiliation and the state, check for yourself. The political party is placed before the state, so just where do you think the constituents are in the pecking order. The constituents are dead last, if they make it even that far up the chain of giving a damn for a politician or their respective party. The politicians holding Constitutional Offices, now referred to as political office represents the party and the party platform and will vote accordingly, and along party lines. There are a few exceptions when it comes to voting along party lines, if there was not then the opposing candidate could say of the incumbent, you voted 100 percent of the time with the president. The political parties frown on politicians going against the party platform too many times, and may just primary the incumbent out in the next cycle.

There are those that say and claim that BHO was on the ballot, or a least his policies or agenda was, this past November. BHO himself even said it to be so. That alone should have been enough for anyone with any sense not to believe it, after all he would never tell anything that could be proven untrue now would be. He said it and the Main Stream Media and the Talking Heads ran with it. My ballot did not have BHO or his policies or agenda on it anywhere. This is how this lie gets started and perpetuates itself in every election, the opposing candidate usually says this, the incumbent voted with the president 90 whatever percent of the time, BHO even used it against his opponent in the his first election. Check the video archives and see for yourself. The only way possible for a person to vote nearly all the time with another is if they have the same agenda, same beliefs, same morals, think alike or belong to the same political party. It has been said that “If every one is thinking alike then someone is not thinking”.

The President is the President, Commander-in-Chief and the Head of his Political Party, but not necessarily in that order, I am of the belief that the political party is placed ahead and above all else, no matter who sits behind the “big desk”.

This is what I said and what I believe BHO and his policies were not on the ballot, what was on the ballot was the direction that America was going in. I can not speak for all but I can speak for myself, more than that I can think for myself. More voters wanted a change of direction from the one America was on, than those who wanted to stay the course, it really is that simple. Democrats and the Democratic Party were voted out in many locals and Republicans and the Republican Party were voted in. One was on the wrong path and the other promised a new course.

And this non-sense about the Congress and it’s leadership, if it can be called that, stating that they are willing to work “with” the President serves to prove my point. By the Congressional leadership openly saying that they will work with the President, they are actually saying that they will support the President. The only opposition offered against the president thus far has been lip service. They by default have given the president the upper hand. Maybe it is time for Congress, the President and the Courts to read the Constitution, and I mean read it in the Spirit and Context that it was written. It is also about time that they all realize or at least remember that they are all elected to Constitutional Offices and not Political offices. Maybe then they will realize why our government is divided into three branches. They each swore by oath of affirmation that they would uphold the Constitution, the entire Constitution, not just the part that covered their branch or the parts they agreed with. Neither of the three branches were intended to work with the other, the intention was for them to work together to ensure the success of America.

America is on a course towards self-destruction. If America continues on the same path, self-destruction will come as predicted in the past, “If America is to be destroyed it will be from with-in”.

The Republicans and the Republican Party won the last election big time, and as I said it was not for them to work with the president, it was for them to act sensibly and responsibly. I can not speak for the rest of the American voters but as said above I can speak for myself and think for myself. Personally I think every last one in Congress should have been replaced. I am of the opinion that the only reason the republicans won anything is because Congress had become known as the “do nothing” Congress. But it was not really a do nothing congress, the Democratic controlled Senate had been doing one thing and that was protecting BHO. If a bill were to be sent to his desk and it contained good legislation, but it went against his agenda and he vetoed it then he would have to explain why he did not sign into law legislation that was “wholesome and good”. If it never reached the desk BHO did not have to do anything, but it did provide a scapegoat. Come January when the Republicans take control of the Senate and have even more seats in the House do something, introduce legislation that is “wholesome and good”, and please keep it simple and short, send it to BHO to either sign into law or veto and let him explain his actions. Not only send it to BHO but post it for all Americans to see. Who knows, he may actually do his job if you force him too. Congress can continue being a part of the problem or become part of the solution. You can be voted out the same as you were voted in. I am thinking you will continue doing the same old thing as your predecessors did and put your party first, and out you shall go.

Truths about Politicians, Political Parties and government in general. Government either elected or appointed has one goal in mind, Power and Control. The more Power government has, takes or acquires the more Control it can exercise over the populace. It is now how it has been in the past one side seeks to grow the federal government and one side promises to shrink government, but in honesty when was the last time the government gave the power back to the people, name one. Politicians and the Political Parties rely on the voters that would rather be Dependent than Independent. Being Dependent on government frees a person from being Independent. For some, and I believe now for many it is as it has always been, they would rather a few or in some case one make the decisions for them. When a person has to make decisions for themselves they may be forced to choose, with choice comes sacrifice and prioritization. The basic priorities of life are the same now as they have always been, and they are Food, Clothing and Shelter.
An Independent person is Self-Reliant, practices Self-Sufficiency and understands the principles of Prioritization and Sacrifice. This type of person also understands that they are entitled to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and nothing else, these are the only entitlement programs in America. These are the people politicians fear, therefore the politicians do not represent these types of people.
The Dependent person is not Self-Reliant, rarely if ever practices Self-Sufficiency and understands nothing of prioritization or Sacrifice. This person also has come to realize that they can vote themselves money from the Treasury by voting for a politician who will continue to call Welfare programs Entitlements. Welfare programs are not Entitlements. Welfare programs are Bribes on one hand and out right Theft on the other. Theft and Bribery are the best words I can think of to describe Welfare Programs. Taking by force or the threat of force, Theft, from one to be used as a Bribe to buy votes of another. This person has been bought and paid for by government and the social welfare programs, more importantly this type of person demonstrates that they can be bought. These are the people politicians do not fear, therefore the politicians represent these types of people.
The only fear politicians have is that the money will run out.

Now, we come to the point where I prove or a least try to prove that America may have hitched the wagon to the wrong team. The republicans in congress have been railing against BHO for his power grabs and his utter disregard for the Constitution and abuse of powers. Yet, BHO has been given even more power by Congress, but was the power given to BHO or was the additional power given to the Office of the President. BHO will be the immediate receiver of this power gift, but the effects will be long-lasting, in fact the true recipient will be succeeding presidents and will at some point lead to Imperial Rule. As pointed out above no politician has ever given back any powers gained, no matter the means in which they were gained, for that matter nor has any government office. The more they get the more the want and demand, spoiled children, not an adult in the room.
The establishment republicans either will not or do not understand why they have been entrusted by the People to right this nation. The election of November past was not a referendum on anything but partisan politics.
The wagon was unhitched from a team of blue asses and hitched to a team of red asses dressed as pachyderms. The only real change was the color. Doing this only delayed the inevitable.
As stated above the republicans and especially the establishment republicans are not that upset over the power grab by the executive branch, they are only upset that the executive branch is controlled by a democrat. If a republican was at the helm and sitting behind the big desk they would be okay with presidential overreach. I come to this conclusion and make this statement based on my own observations and deductive reasoning. The claims of presidential overreach and abuses of power must be okay with congress based on this if it was so upsetting and un-nerving why did they just increase the power granted to the executive branch and even fund the government through the end of the fiscal year. The budget, more accurately, the omnibus spending bill will now carry the government through the 30th of September 2015, but what else happens in 2015. The never-ending election cycle begins, there will be elections held in November 2016. The newly elected members of the House will instead of focusing on ways to trim government spending will instead have to focus on taking steps to be re-elected. Maybe it was all planned this way. Also the long-lasting effects of additional powers granted to or assumed by the executive branch will be handed down through successive administrations. BHO may be the beneficiary for now but the establishment republicans are counting on gaining the White House in 2016 and the new republican president will have all the power bestowed upon him or her by the previous administration and will enjoy the new powers bestowed by a benevolent congress.

What is needed in America is for people to seek, gain and hold Constitutional Offices based on the Spirit and Context of the Constitution, but this will require Statesmen and not Politicians.

In reading a recent post on another site concerning Thomas Paine and his contributions to American Independence, the author asked if there were any like Thomas Paine in America today. The answer is yes, there are and there has always been, you must only look for them. They will be where you least expect them, and their occupation may surprise you. The best two examples that come to mind are a Comedian and a Teacher. The comedian I refer to is Red Skelton, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and the teacher I refer to is the Teacher Red Skelton refers to in his recital of the Pledge of Allegiance. It is on YouTube, I encourage you to watch it and if you have seen it watch it again and show it to the young, especially the young.
There are places where a Thomas Paine will never be found, namely in Washington, D.C.

What America needs now is to evict the politicians, political parties, lobbyists and special interest groups from government and send Statesmen to represent the People, the States and the Country. We need good Stewards of the country, not what we have now which is and are pitiful stewards of their political parties.