Think for yourself.

Every time the results of an “opinion poll” are released I “bust a gut” laughing. Every news outlet and newspaper have “polls” on every subject imaginable. The results are based on a “sampling” of voters, likely voters and man on the street and the questions always have a “margin of error” disclaimer. The one thing they never reveal is the format of the question asked, some formats do not leave any choice and some do. If you ask the question in the format of do you like, there is only a yes or no response. If you ask the question of how much do you like, the answers would be of great variance unless you limit the responses to none, some and much. If you limit the responses you manipulate the poll and the data. Limiting your choice of response only serves to “steer” opinion to the results that were intended. Still I do not understand how a “sampling” of a few Americans represents the rest of American opinion. I find it truly amazing that people earn a living at being a “pollster”, well maybe not a lot of people earn a living deceiving America, “politicians and pollsters”. Lies on top of liars on top of lies. I wonder who works for who? The truly sickening thing is that the politicians base what they do based on polling data, they will even state that the majority of Americans want this, that or the other based on polls, or if the polls are in disagreement with their actions they will simply state that America jus does not understand. One more thing about these “polls” no one has ever asked my opinion and that is probably just as well, my response would most likely be unprintable. I have some tips for the pollsters, (1)I am an American (2)I have an opinion (3)I matter and I vote (4)But all of this does not matter to you and your numbers because I choose to live in as they say the “sticks”, not the large cities (5)I am perfectly capable of arriving a my own conclusion after gathering the facts (6)I do not need you to attempt to change my mind with your numbers (7)your numbers are meaningless (8)I am not a part of any herd and do not find myself following the so-called popular opinion, if there is such a thing. No one thinks for me.

When ever the government releases numbers it leaves me scratching my head. The unemployment numbers always have “seasonally adjusted” attached to it no matter what season it is. What the hell is seasonally adjusted? I work year-round not just one season or another. Another thing why is it always a rounded number such as 171000 new jobless claims or 171000 new jobs added, is there no way it could have been 1710001 or any other number but a rounded number. Recently BHO gave his victory speech regarding the Obamacare numbers, then it was 7.1 million, but was it and who knows what it is now. The numbers for Medicaid, Medicare and who has actually paid the premiums were not released. It seems that they only know how many signed up not what they signed up for or if they paid. The government also knows how many illegal aliens are in America, again a rounded number, yet are wanting them to come out of the shadows. If you know how many there are, they can’t be hiding in the shadows. The numbers on housing starts are released but no foreclosure numbers. Have the foreclosures stopped? New car sales are released but not repossession numbers. Have they stopped also? If the economy is doing so well why are the numbers on food stamps and other forms of assistance increasing instead of declining? It is all deceptions and lies. Getting a true number out of the government and this administration would probably be as hard as pulling hens teeth. With the exception of how many people were shot or knifed in the latest attack in a gun-free zone. They always release those numbers.

With the advent of cable and satellite we have been blessed or cursed with 24 hour news channels. The problem is that news is not happening 24 hours a day, they are forced to try to make news out of non-news events, like reporting on “polls”. What I find disingenuous is the fact that they fell the necessity of bringing in an expert to repeat or clarify what some politician or public figure just finished talking about. I either just heard what was said and understood it without the experts repeating or clarifying what was said or I chose not to listen and would read it later on my own, most often the latter. There are even times when a news event is occurring and there is a lull so they resort to speculating as to what has possibly occurred, especially during the lost airliner and more recently the tragedy of the ferry in South Korea. They even bring in so-called experts to assist in the speculation in an attempt to give speculation some glimmer of validity. You know it is especially bad when the news networks re-run programs, but will interrupt for some breaking news or non-news event. Rumors, speculation and gossip are not news, but when presented on a news program people will believe it, after all it was on the news. There are also more opinion programs than there are news segments, even the news segments inject opinion, and they all “tout” their ratings and how long they have been on top. These channels, all of them need to re-designate themselves as opinion channels, interrupted by news as it occurs and stop reporting without all the facts or just report the news with the facts they have, or would that have an effect on your ratings.

The so-called experts never get one thing right, the results are always worse than or better than the experts predictions. The ironic thing is that they never publish or state what their expectations are, they simply wait until the results are in to make their expectations known. The weather people are better at guessing weather that changes constantly than the experts are at guessing the economy which most times is flat. Then the stock markets react to the experts statements. This is just another way to deceive America and manipulate the market.

Here is one “poll” that could be used as it is factual. The poll could ask the question do you have your own “rectal orifice” natural or surgically created? Everyone would answer “Yes” as there was only a yes or no response allowed by the poll. The government could report factual numbers for once. The report could read the number of “rectal orifices” equals the number of people in America. The news organizations could report with “breaking news” the latest poll numbers are at 100% with no margin of error every citizen of the nation has a “rectal orifice”. The expert expectations would at last be correct by reporting that as expected every citizen has a “rectal orifice”.

The thing about “rectal orifices”,is everyone has one and they all stink, some just smell worse than others. My Opinion on this, in case anyone should ask, is that the “liberal rectal orifices”, those on the left and right, smell the worst. This is because of and is demonstrated by them seeming to have only one opinion making the “combined and collective” odor akin to an open air waste water treatment site.

Amen, General

Amen, General