Merry Christmas

As we, meaning the entire Earth, celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ. No other birth in history has so impacted the world, and the birth of no other is celebrated in so many nations on Earth. The birth of Jesus Christ was a gift to mankind and marked the beginning of Christianity.
Many millions around the globe will celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in secrecy for fear of persecution from other religions, or perhaps from their own religion. Many more will celebrate in secrecy for fear that they will be exposed as frauds. Many more will not celebrate at all because of non-belief, yet they still participate in the festivities, even if only getting a paid holiday.
Many thousands tonight will not be with their families as the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated, duty calls. Tonight there will be many, military service members serving in far and distant lands, some here in America will be performing some required duty and will not be at home during this joyous occasion. There will be many Law Enforcement Officers, Firemen, Paramedics, Doctors, Nurses and Private Security that will be on their posts instead of with their families. Many more will be at home as they are not required to man a post, but are ready to answer the call should it come. Selfless service and dedication to their fellow-man.
There will be some on their post tonight that were not required to be there, they will have voluntarily taken the place of another. Again an example of selfless service and dedication to their fellow-man.
There will be many Churches and Houses of Worship open tonight, members of the Clergy will be available to offer counsel and advice. Selfless service and dedication to their fellow-man through service to the Lord.
Today is Christmas Eve, and all of this will happen this year as in years past. Tomorrow, Christmas Day all of this will happen once more and there will be even more.
The Homeless Centers and Shelters will be brimming with activity. Meals will be prepared and served. Clothing and Food will be given to the needy. These people are all volunteers and voluntarily give their time and energy to anyone who even appears to be in need. Selfless Service and Dedication in action.
If you travel today or tomorrow to visit friends or family and happen to pass an open Church, stop by for a moment. If you see a fellow-man in need lend a hand.

The absence of “festive illumination” at or around a home does not mean that the inhabitants are not Christians or live in fear of persecution. It may simply mean that the inhabitants celebrate the “True meaning of Christmas”. Jesus Christ was the Gift to mankind. Have you opened your Christmas Gift?

Merry Christmas, and may the spirit of Christmas live in your heart everyday.