Micro Economics

May be this will help Greece. It might even help the U.S. if any of those enlightened government spenders see it.

Going broke. If your monthly income is $2,000.00 and you spend $2,000.00 you are broke. If you are broke and have not met your basic needs, you at this point are worse than broke you are stupid.

Getting by. If your monthly income is $2,000.00 and you spend $2,000.00 you are broke. If you are broke and have met your basic needs you are still broke but you are not stupid, stupid. You could still be stupid in the instance there was any of that $2,000.00 left over and you wasted it.

Saving for “a rainy day”. If your monthly income is $2,000.00 and you only spend $1,900.00 you have now $100.00 you could save for that rainy day aka emergency. If you are successful at doing this for one year you will have saved $1,200.00, a pretty nice rainy day fund.

Coming up short aka deficit spending. If your monthly income is $2,000.00 and you spend $2,100.00 you have spent more than you took in. Now, if you had a rainy day fund the overage could be covered from that, but that fund would have decreased from $1,200.00 to $1,100.00. You could decrease your spending by $100.00 the next month thereby replacing the $100.00 you borrowed from yourself because you went over for that one month. But at some point you would need to decrease you monthly spending again by $100.00 because you did not make a monthly contribution to the rainy day fund. If you do not replace the $100.00 you borrowed your rainy day fund is actually short $200.00, the $100.00 you borrowed and the $100.00 you did not put in.
You in actuality could do this eleven more times before you went broke, spending $2,100.00 and only taking in $2,000.00. But if you did this for an entire year your rainy day fund would be wiped completely out and be $2,400.00 dollars short, the $1,200.00 you borrowed and the $1,200.00 you failed to put in. This again makes you broke and stupid.

The path to bankruptcy. Deficit spending with no reserve aka rainy day fund. If your monthly income is $2000.00 and you go over by as much as a penny with no reserve you are forced to borrow enough to cover the shortage. The next month rolls around and you get the same $2,000.00 but now you not only have to pay for the necessities you now have a debt to pay. If you are still short you find yourself in the awkward position of choosing what does not get paid or borrowing more to pay the debt. If you do not find a way to get control of this soon you will find yourself borrowing just to pay the interest. If left un-checked soon you will find yourself only paying interest, but the debt never goes down. At some point in time you will not even be able to make the interest payments. All it takes is one month when you do not get the $2,000.00, or you do get it and you misuse it. Sooner or later the debtor will demand payment in full.

Actually this post is not about Greece, you are already a financial basket-case looking for someone to bail you out of the mess you have gotten yourselves into. This post is intended for the spend happy politicians and bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. before the U.S. becomes a financial basket-case.

I doubt that the big government spenders will read this and even if they do it will be viewed as meaningless as I do not have a PhD in economics and I only used small numbers.

Just wondering what is the collateral on that over 18 trillion dollars of debt? Or is it 19 trillion dollars by now? If the debt is still increasing it is either interest that is not being paid, or more is being borrowed to pay the interest. What would be the payment on that much debt be? Just asking

And by the way, what will become of the 40,000 military personnel you plan to cut over the next two years? I was just asking because the release said the military would be cut, but the 17,000 civilians would be laid off. Which one will get un-employment? Just asking.

The government rainy day fund must be getting close to the end if it has not already been spent. The government seems to be cutting necessities to pay interest, or can you even pay the interest. Still wondering about that collateral issue.

It is beginning to look like America may have hitched the wagon to the wrong team

I have said it before, I will say it again and I will keep saying it. America in general and the American People have no representation in Washington D.C. The only things that are Represented in Washington D.C. are, and they are in this order, The Political Parties, The Lobbyists, and The Special Interest Groups. The Candidate is not on the ballot, the Political Party is. This is easily proven by the order of name political party affiliation and the state, check for yourself. The political party is placed before the state, so just where do you think the constituents are in the pecking order. The constituents are dead last, if they make it even that far up the chain of giving a damn for a politician or their respective party. The politicians holding Constitutional Offices, now referred to as political office represents the party and the party platform and will vote accordingly, and along party lines. There are a few exceptions when it comes to voting along party lines, if there was not then the opposing candidate could say of the incumbent, you voted 100 percent of the time with the president. The political parties frown on politicians going against the party platform too many times, and may just primary the incumbent out in the next cycle.

There are those that say and claim that BHO was on the ballot, or a least his policies or agenda was, this past November. BHO himself even said it to be so. That alone should have been enough for anyone with any sense not to believe it, after all he would never tell anything that could be proven untrue now would be. He said it and the Main Stream Media and the Talking Heads ran with it. My ballot did not have BHO or his policies or agenda on it anywhere. This is how this lie gets started and perpetuates itself in every election, the opposing candidate usually says this, the incumbent voted with the president 90 whatever percent of the time, BHO even used it against his opponent in the his first election. Check the video archives and see for yourself. The only way possible for a person to vote nearly all the time with another is if they have the same agenda, same beliefs, same morals, think alike or belong to the same political party. It has been said that “If every one is thinking alike then someone is not thinking”.

The President is the President, Commander-in-Chief and the Head of his Political Party, but not necessarily in that order, I am of the belief that the political party is placed ahead and above all else, no matter who sits behind the “big desk”.

This is what I said and what I believe BHO and his policies were not on the ballot, what was on the ballot was the direction that America was going in. I can not speak for all but I can speak for myself, more than that I can think for myself. More voters wanted a change of direction from the one America was on, than those who wanted to stay the course, it really is that simple. Democrats and the Democratic Party were voted out in many locals and Republicans and the Republican Party were voted in. One was on the wrong path and the other promised a new course.

And this non-sense about the Congress and it’s leadership, if it can be called that, stating that they are willing to work “with” the President serves to prove my point. By the Congressional leadership openly saying that they will work with the President, they are actually saying that they will support the President. The only opposition offered against the president thus far has been lip service. They by default have given the president the upper hand. Maybe it is time for Congress, the President and the Courts to read the Constitution, and I mean read it in the Spirit and Context that it was written. It is also about time that they all realize or at least remember that they are all elected to Constitutional Offices and not Political offices. Maybe then they will realize why our government is divided into three branches. They each swore by oath of affirmation that they would uphold the Constitution, the entire Constitution, not just the part that covered their branch or the parts they agreed with. Neither of the three branches were intended to work with the other, the intention was for them to work together to ensure the success of America.

America is on a course towards self-destruction. If America continues on the same path, self-destruction will come as predicted in the past, “If America is to be destroyed it will be from with-in”.

The Republicans and the Republican Party won the last election big time, and as I said it was not for them to work with the president, it was for them to act sensibly and responsibly. I can not speak for the rest of the American voters but as said above I can speak for myself and think for myself. Personally I think every last one in Congress should have been replaced. I am of the opinion that the only reason the republicans won anything is because Congress had become known as the “do nothing” Congress. But it was not really a do nothing congress, the Democratic controlled Senate had been doing one thing and that was protecting BHO. If a bill were to be sent to his desk and it contained good legislation, but it went against his agenda and he vetoed it then he would have to explain why he did not sign into law legislation that was “wholesome and good”. If it never reached the desk BHO did not have to do anything, but it did provide a scapegoat. Come January when the Republicans take control of the Senate and have even more seats in the House do something, introduce legislation that is “wholesome and good”, and please keep it simple and short, send it to BHO to either sign into law or veto and let him explain his actions. Not only send it to BHO but post it for all Americans to see. Who knows, he may actually do his job if you force him too. Congress can continue being a part of the problem or become part of the solution. You can be voted out the same as you were voted in. I am thinking you will continue doing the same old thing as your predecessors did and put your party first, and out you shall go.

Truths about Politicians, Political Parties and government in general. Government either elected or appointed has one goal in mind, Power and Control. The more Power government has, takes or acquires the more Control it can exercise over the populace. It is now how it has been in the past one side seeks to grow the federal government and one side promises to shrink government, but in honesty when was the last time the government gave the power back to the people, name one. Politicians and the Political Parties rely on the voters that would rather be Dependent than Independent. Being Dependent on government frees a person from being Independent. For some, and I believe now for many it is as it has always been, they would rather a few or in some case one make the decisions for them. When a person has to make decisions for themselves they may be forced to choose, with choice comes sacrifice and prioritization. The basic priorities of life are the same now as they have always been, and they are Food, Clothing and Shelter.
An Independent person is Self-Reliant, practices Self-Sufficiency and understands the principles of Prioritization and Sacrifice. This type of person also understands that they are entitled to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and nothing else, these are the only entitlement programs in America. These are the people politicians fear, therefore the politicians do not represent these types of people.
The Dependent person is not Self-Reliant, rarely if ever practices Self-Sufficiency and understands nothing of prioritization or Sacrifice. This person also has come to realize that they can vote themselves money from the Treasury by voting for a politician who will continue to call Welfare programs Entitlements. Welfare programs are not Entitlements. Welfare programs are Bribes on one hand and out right Theft on the other. Theft and Bribery are the best words I can think of to describe Welfare Programs. Taking by force or the threat of force, Theft, from one to be used as a Bribe to buy votes of another. This person has been bought and paid for by government and the social welfare programs, more importantly this type of person demonstrates that they can be bought. These are the people politicians do not fear, therefore the politicians represent these types of people.
The only fear politicians have is that the money will run out.

Now, we come to the point where I prove or a least try to prove that America may have hitched the wagon to the wrong team. The republicans in congress have been railing against BHO for his power grabs and his utter disregard for the Constitution and abuse of powers. Yet, BHO has been given even more power by Congress, but was the power given to BHO or was the additional power given to the Office of the President. BHO will be the immediate receiver of this power gift, but the effects will be long-lasting, in fact the true recipient will be succeeding presidents and will at some point lead to Imperial Rule. As pointed out above no politician has ever given back any powers gained, no matter the means in which they were gained, for that matter nor has any government office. The more they get the more the want and demand, spoiled children, not an adult in the room.
The establishment republicans either will not or do not understand why they have been entrusted by the People to right this nation. The election of November past was not a referendum on anything but partisan politics.
The wagon was unhitched from a team of blue asses and hitched to a team of red asses dressed as pachyderms. The only real change was the color. Doing this only delayed the inevitable.
As stated above the republicans and especially the establishment republicans are not that upset over the power grab by the executive branch, they are only upset that the executive branch is controlled by a democrat. If a republican was at the helm and sitting behind the big desk they would be okay with presidential overreach. I come to this conclusion and make this statement based on my own observations and deductive reasoning. The claims of presidential overreach and abuses of power must be okay with congress based on this if it was so upsetting and un-nerving why did they just increase the power granted to the executive branch and even fund the government through the end of the fiscal year. The budget, more accurately, the omnibus spending bill will now carry the government through the 30th of September 2015, but what else happens in 2015. The never-ending election cycle begins, there will be elections held in November 2016. The newly elected members of the House will instead of focusing on ways to trim government spending will instead have to focus on taking steps to be re-elected. Maybe it was all planned this way. Also the long-lasting effects of additional powers granted to or assumed by the executive branch will be handed down through successive administrations. BHO may be the beneficiary for now but the establishment republicans are counting on gaining the White House in 2016 and the new republican president will have all the power bestowed upon him or her by the previous administration and will enjoy the new powers bestowed by a benevolent congress.

What is needed in America is for people to seek, gain and hold Constitutional Offices based on the Spirit and Context of the Constitution, but this will require Statesmen and not Politicians.

In reading a recent post on another site concerning Thomas Paine and his contributions to American Independence, the author asked if there were any like Thomas Paine in America today. The answer is yes, there are and there has always been, you must only look for them. They will be where you least expect them, and their occupation may surprise you. The best two examples that come to mind are a Comedian and a Teacher. The comedian I refer to is Red Skelton, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and the teacher I refer to is the Teacher Red Skelton refers to in his recital of the Pledge of Allegiance. It is on YouTube, I encourage you to watch it and if you have seen it watch it again and show it to the young, especially the young.
There are places where a Thomas Paine will never be found, namely in Washington, D.C.

What America needs now is to evict the politicians, political parties, lobbyists and special interest groups from government and send Statesmen to represent the People, the States and the Country. We need good Stewards of the country, not what we have now which is and are pitiful stewards of their political parties.

A Feudal Empire, the new America

The America of today is definitely not the America the Founding Fathers envisioned, but they knew the America of today was a possibility. They issued warnings and some even stated what would destroy the Republic. Some of them even offered ways to avoid the fall and destruction. The United States of America is degenerating into a Feudal Empire. The elections and campaigning in America have become non-stop as soon as one is over the next begins. This year it never took a break, the politicians were already posturing and positioning for the next one even before some of the elections were settled. The never-ending campaigning and election cycles have taken a life of their own, as a matter of fact, they have taken the form of a Feud.

The feud being waged across America is like nothing seen before in this land, not even the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s can hold a candle to this one.

The Feud being waged across America is not about defending one’s honor, defending the honor of one’s family or even defending the honor of one’s country. It is about control, absolute control. It is not about honor, as most of the participants have no honor to defend. The participants in this feud are the Political Parties, the Politicians themselves and the Special Interest Groups including the Lobbyists and the PACS with the major Media outlets providing aid, comfort and support. Power and control are what is sought, fulfilling the agenda is the goal.

As a matter of fact the ongoing feud is not only being waged across America, it is being waged against America. The weapons and tools used in the Political Feud include money, divisiveness, lies and deceit. When these weapons are used in unison with a population that either will not, or can not see the truth they become weapons capable of destroying the Republic.

Money used as a weapon and a tool. “The Republic is in Danger of Collapsing when the People learn they can Vote themselves Money from the National Treasury”. That was a true statement, but it took Congress and Liberal Progressives to make it true. The biggest danger the Republic faces is Political Parties and Politicians who realize that they can Buy Votes with Monies from the National Treasury. With the arrival of this realization the death of self-reliance and government dependence was born. Wealth redistribution did not arrive with Obamacare, it has lived among us for many years. The National treasury is tax dollars paid in by the working population and was intended to support the country, not some of the inhabitants. If one wishes to Reap the Benefits of Living in a Free Country and Enjoy the Liberties that come with such a life must Bear the Fatigue of Supporting it.
Practice self-reliance, do for yourself what needs to be done. Do not rely on government to provide for you that which is your personal responsibility. If you rely on government to provide for your needs you give government the power to rule your life. If the government has the power to give, the government has the power to take away. With power comes control.

Divisiveness used as a weapon and a tool. As I have written before, a divided populace is easy to control and manipulate. Government, at all levels, is about complete and utter control. America is now and has been divided along many lines. America is divided along lines such race, financial status, age and gender.
Division by race. Black against White against Black. Hispanic against White against Hispanic. Black against Hispanic against Black. In short every race against every other race. Discrimination, Bigotry, Hatred and Racism are all very much alive today. One would or more aptly should ask, How is this possible in a land that has passed laws to prevent such. In fact the laws have been so perversely applied that a new term was created, Affirmative Action, which gave us the reverse. The answer to this is quite often the same as with many other issues facing America, “Government is not the solution Government is the Problem”. In the case of Racism, Government not only supports it but encourages it and even participates in it willingly and voluntarily, though it claims to be against it. Normally this would be referred to as being Two-Faced, but in government this is normal behavior. To prove this let me submit the following, using the U.S. Congress as an example, and a “fine example” they are. Congress sets the example for America to follow by dividing themselves into racial groupings. There is the Congressional Black Caucus and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. Does anybody really believe these two “fine examples” of leadership represent anything but their race? I submit to you that they do not. If they have “exclusive sessions”( I wonder what are the requirements are to be a member of a group that claims in its title to be black or Hispanic) why would any believe that they conduct themselves any differently when they all get together. While these two “racial groups” appear to be leading the “fight” to ensure a better life for their particular races they actually do more harm than they can ever do good. In their attempts to secure advancement of their particular race they hinder and obstruct the advancement of all others. If America is to advance based on race and Governmental action, America will only advance as far as Government allows. I submit this to you in a country with the Freedoms and Liberties that all Americans are supposed to enjoy, they must all advance together and unite into one Race, and that race is American. I have often wondered why any person would belong to any group government or otherwise that seeks to promote advancement one race in America and not all races in America, after all we are all Americans and America was at one time referred to as the “Great Melting Pot”. A few final questions on Racism, are you being held back because of your race or are you being held back because of government? If Government Action is the answer, why are you stagnated in the position provided for you by big government? Have you already advanced as far as government will allow?
“The only limits on advancement an American faces are the limits one places on one’s self”. That should be a statement to live by, no limits should be placed on advancement by Government.
If you do not believe that the Government has been successful in dividing the populace into small and easily controllable groups consider the following. Check any form or application the government requires to be filled out and you will find the following, and you must disclose the information; There are several blocks that must be filled in or at least checked and they are, Race or Ethnicity, Age Bracket or Date of Birth, Gender and on some forms the Other block concerning race has been eliminated. The populace happily checks the blocks or fills in the information without ever wondering why this information must be disclosed. The Quota system is still alive and well thanks to Government.

Lies and Deceit used as a weapons and a tools. These are politics and politicians who rely on ignorance of the populace. Perhaps the best example of lies and deceit center around financial status. A politician will give a speech on income inequality to a crowd and get them all stirred up over how poor they are, and blame the rich for them being poor. The politician is being wee-paid for their appearance, sometimes in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and them have the nerve to blame the rich for the poor. The next time you attend one of these events ask the speaker these three questions. How much are you being paid to give this speech? What have you personally done to fight poverty and help the poor? Who was the last person to be hired by another poor person? One of two things will happen after the questions are asked. The politician will lie on all accounts, because that is what politicians do best, or you will find your poor-ass being escorted out of the event.

The ultimate goal is the return of America to the level of a Feudal Empire, as one might say returning to its “Roots”. But it will be a little different from Colonial America. The feuding powers this time will be and are the political parties and one will win the feud and we the populace will be handed off to the next feudal winner. It will be just like the Serfs of old, passed along with the title and the land. If you do not believe this look a the election maps, what color state do you live in, red or blue. The individual no longer matters the state is claimed in the name of the political party.

Colonial America had its founding in Serfdom, the nations of Europe had Imperial Leaders and the nations of Europe were constantly feuding. One would lose and the victor would gain that territory and with it acquire the colony in America. The colony along with its inhabitants would be passed to the feudal winner. Without going through all the history of how the colonies eventually came under British Imperial rule, the following should suffice: By definition a Serf is no more than a slave, subservient if you will, belonging to the land and is transferred with the land to the Feudal winner. The citizenry was expected, no demanded to be obedient and compliant with the Feudal winner, the Master if you will.

There are some major problems with living in a Feudal Empire.
The first problem is that the Feuding never ends, it rages on from day-to-day, never-ending and never-ceasing.
The next problem is that the winners of the Feud begin to see themselves as Imperials, kings or queens even if only for a term. They no longer see themselves as elected to Govern they see themselves as elected to Rule.
The next problem is that when the elected officials, the ones who won the latest Feud, see themselves as and then act as Imperials they see the population as Serfs, subjects and subservient to the ruling class. This is a very big problem, but not an insurmountable one.

It starts again, already

I admit that I was more than happy that the Republicans will control the Senate and still retain control of the House when the next Congress convenes in January. At last count there were still three Senate races that were not settled, AK, LA, and VA.

On the early morning news channels it started with the Talking Heads, Pollsters, Strategists and Political has-been making their rounds on the morning news shows dissecting every contest and vote offering their opinion as to why the Electorate voted as they did, and has been going on all day, and will likely continue for days. The weekend news programs will only offer more of the same. The answer is actually quite simple, the Electorate either voted for or against something or someone.

The hard-core base of each political party went to the polls to vote for their respective political party, regardless of the person. The uninformed and misinformed voters went to the polls and cast their ballot for a candidate or an initiative based on fear-mongering, race-baiting or brow-beating all the while not knowing or understanding the issues, much less who or what they were voting for or against. The informed voters went to the polls to cast their ballots based on an understanding of the issues. As for me, when I go to the polls to cast my ballot for a candidate I vote for the one who more closely matches my values regardless of party affiliation. As to the Florida governors race I believe that Florida is heading in the right direction and voted accordingly, what is best and right for Florida may or may not be what is best for me.

The most dangerous elements of the Election process in America are the hard-core base voters, the uninformed/misinformed voters and the political parties themselves.
The hard-core base voters are dangerous because they may stay home and skip an entire election cycle if the candidate on their party’s ticket does not measure up to the party platform. I guess this is their way of showing them. The politician is forced to pander to them to get them to vote, both parties do it.
The uninformed/misinformed voters are dangerous to the process because they do nothing to educate themselves about the candidates or the issues. In this day and age there is no excuse for anyone to make an uninformed choice. The world is at your fingertips, yet you do not take advantage. There is a world of information available, you may have to sort through it to get the truth. Maybe this is the reason you remain uninformed, just to lazy to sort out the truth. If the uninformed remain uninformed the door opens for them to be misinformed. Politicians, Pundits, Talking Heads and other people who are in reality no more relevant than a gnat will tell you what they want you to believe. If you are told the same thing enough times you will accept it as fact, even if it is a lie. But because you would not find out the truth for yourself you accept lies as truth. Fear-Mongering, Race-Baiting and Brow-Beating are your diet, and you are fed daily, if you appear hungry they come again and again with another dose.
The Political Parties are dangerous because of money. Not just money, but the way the money is used and the “pecking order” on how the money is doled out. The RNC and the DNC do the same things, if the candidate is an incumbent and faces little opposition he or she receives less campaign money than a hotly contested race. Conversely if a candidate does not stand a snow ball in hell’s chance of winning he or she receives little if any campaign money. The candidates who stand little, if any chance of winning must rely on state or county campaign committees for campaign money or donations from friends and supporters.

In an election there is a winner and a loser, just think of all the millions if not billions of dollars that were wasted on the loser of every election. New records in the amount of money spent were set on this Senate election, and makes no sense. Who was the benefactor in this free-for-all in spending? How many millions did the Newspaper and Magazine publishing companies and owners receive for advertisements? How many millions did the Radio and Television conglomerates receive for political advertisements? How many tons of electioneering material ended up in the Mail Boxes of America? Who paid the postage on the mailed material? How many e-mails and news letters were sent?

As mentioned in previous posts spending millions to get a job that pays thousands is insanity. The only way to clean up American politics is to remove the money. Furthermore the PACs and Super PACs should be done away with, they only serve one purpose with one goal, and that is the interests of the group or person who founded it and their agenda. The only people who receive money from the PACs are the ones who fit their idea for a perfect candidate.

The original intent of the Senate was to represent the State and the States interests, they were selected by the State Legislature. Now we have a popular election to send 2 Senators to represent the Political Party, the states no longer have any representation in Washington, D.C. Repealing the 17th Amendment alone would save millions upon millions of dollars.

Campaign Finance Reform is and has been a joke, but what was one to expect politicians wrote it. Here is an idea for real reform of campaign finance, all you can spend in seeking Constitutional Office is the amount equal to one years pay. This will hold down the negative attack advertisements, you will need your limited resources to sell yourself to the voters. If you must attack your opponent, attack his or her voting record, not how many times he or she voted with the president. Donors should be limited to the amount equal to 1 hours wages, after taxes of course. U.S. Government equipment is for Official Business Only, not for personal use or use while campaigning.

Politicians are members of political parties and they vote with the party, it is not a crime to vote along party lines. If you want to eliminate political party voting eliminate the political party. A politician can not go against the party to many times before the politician is sent to the wilderness. If you do not believe that the politician represents the political party look behind their name for a letter D, R or I. The president also represents the political party first, and since he is the president he is the head of his party, not too many in the party oppose and not many times.

The President is supposed to represent America, the Senate is supposed to represent the State, the House of Representatives are supposed to represent the constituents in his or her district, politicians represent the political party. All are supposed to uphold the Constitution of the U.S., not the party platform. What do we have in Washington, D.C.?

As mentioned in the beginning the republicans will control the Senate next Congressional Session. I mention this for two important reasons, 1 vacancies in the Courts and the Cabinet, there are already enough activists filling some of the positions, the vacancies can only be filled with advice and consent of the Senate, that is unless of course BHO fills them during recess. 2 Maybe, at least now something will get done by the Senate, and BHO will be presented bills for signature or veto, his buffer to responsibility will be gone.

What I meant by the title. There was no electioneering crap cluttering up my mailbox today but I did receive e-mails and news letters seeking donations and contributions in preparation for 2016. Give me a freaking break this election is not settled yet and still you ask for money, hard-earned I might add. This on top of the fact that the new Congress has not even been sworn in as yet, add this to the fact they have not done anything yet, talking and speeches do not get it done. Show me some action and meaningful legislation that is good for America. If you want donations and contributions from me do something that increases the bottom line of Americans. You wont like the donation I send to you, if I choose to, using my idea concerning donations from individuals, one hours wages after taxes is not much, but I make do. No, on second thought I will make no donations or contributions because you did not see the congressional race in my district as important, well it was important at least to me.

The Future of America and what is in store

The future of America and what is in store in the name of Politics, Religion, Terrorism, Wars, a state of Perpetual War, Denials, Division, Lies, Distractions, Political Correctness, Agendas and Firsts.

Terrorism has once again been visited on America. The latest terrorist attack committed against an American on American soil, the beheading of a woman in Oklahoma, by a Moslem has been labeled an act of work place violence by the MSM, BHO and the Justice Dept. The Ft. Hood shooting by a Muslim serving in the U.S. Army was too declared an act of work place violence. If BHO had been president on 9/11/2001, the terrorist attacks of 9/11 would most likely have been labeled as work place violence after all the victims were at work when the attacks took place. One has to wonder why BHO and his administration will not call things for what they are. One would also have to wonder how BHO and his administration would have labeled the above two terrorist acts if the roles were reversed. How would it be labeled if a Christian stood up in a crowded area full of Muslims, shouted Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition and opened fire on victims unable to defend themselves because of a policy of not allowing personal fire arms, or if a recently converted Christian walked into the business they were just fired from and beheaded the nearest Muslim and savagely attacked another? Would these acts be called workplace violence? I think not. They would be called hate crimes and the usual cast of clowns would soon be on the scene demanding an investigation to find out if the victims civil rights were violated. Hate crimes and civil rights violations carry a stiffer penalty, enhanced if you will, than workplace violence, which is just plain old murder. Political correctness and the fear of offending has corrupted the justice system.

The things that made and make America great is the People and the form of government, not the government. Government is a necessary evil and nothing more. The Constitution begins with We the People, not we the government. America became great because it was founded as a Constitutional Republic, meaning that the Supreme Power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by elected officers and representatives responsible to them and governing according to law. The elected representatives are responsible to the people, but it is the Peoples responsibility to hold government responsible and accountable. The state of deterioration of government rests at the feet of the voters that either do not or will not hold government and those elected to govern responsible or accountable. If government has become too big, it is because the voters elected those whose agenda was to grow government. If government is too intrusive it is because the voters elected those whose agenda was to give more power to government and take away the power of the people. Government exists because of the people, the People do not exist for government.

Capitalism. This is the American system, and is basically defined as, an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market. This is business by the people and for the people. Is this system perfect? Not by any stretch of the imagination. It is full of greed and corruption. Under capitalism we as consumers have the power to punish or reward business in the market place. We as consumers have the power and right to purchase what we want from whom we want. No one can force us to purchase or not to purchase. No one can force us to purchase from one and not another. We can even cause changes in price, but so can business, supply and demand. The value, price or cost of any thing money or precious metal is set in the free market by the people. This is called worth, an item is worth exactly what the consumer is willing to spend in order to attain the goods or services, nothing more nothing less.

Your other choice for a system to live under are:
Communism. Elimination of private property. A totalitarian system of government in which a single authoritarian party controls state-owned means of production. under this system the consumer has fewer choices and at time only one choice. The value, cost, price and worth of an item is set by government because they have ownership and total control of all means of production. The government owns everything but it is available for all if, and only if, the government says so. The individual owns nothing and can control nothing. The consumer has no choice in anything not what to buy or how much to pay. Every aspect of life is lived for the whole and the government.
Socialism. Again there is no private property. Collective or government ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods. The means of production are owned and controlled by the state. This system of society has unequal distribution of goods and pay is according to the amount of work done, basically a quota system. the individual is again left with few if any choices in the marketplace and pay received is directly commensurate with the job and how much work assigned was completed.
Fascism. You guessed it. Severe economic and social regimentation, government control. With the added niceties of suppression of any and all political opposition. Places nation and often race above the individual. Autocratic government with a dictatorial leader.

If you Legally live here in America or are an American citizen and you do not like Capitalism, choose from the above available systems of society, get a change of address kit and apply for citizenship in a country that practices whichever one that represents what you prefer and move there. You used the system of capitalism to achieve your dreams and yet complain about the system and do your best to deny others the same as you enjoy, pack your bags or STFU.

Religion in Politics, and Politics in Religion
The founding documents make several references to God or the Creator of the Universe and some even end in what could be called a Prayer, but in no way was religion a basis for the establishment of our government. The First Amendment even states that Congress can make no law establishing religion, or prohibiting free exercise of religion. Not only are Americans free to practice religion they are also free from religion and are not required to practice any religion. America would be a much lesser developed country, like much of the Middle-East if the government was based on religion. How much progress would America have made if each and every endeavor was required to pass a religious test or if each person had to pass a religious test before setting out on a mission to improve life in America or around the world for that matter. This is the confusing part about religion as government, some if not most of what is being done in the name of religion is against the principles and teachings of religion, unless the vile acts are committed in the name of religion and sanctioned by a religious leader. Some of the vile acts being committed in the name of religion are acceptable in that religion and serves the purposes of that religion. One thing for certain is that the fingerprints of GOD are all over the foundation of America, and perhaps even better GOD never made submission to Him as a prerequisite for founding America. America truly is Blessed, and definitely not cursed.

The division of American society by government, politics and politicians.
The American society has been divided into small easily controlled or manipulated groups. Black against White, White against Black, Hispanic against White against Black, Ethnicity against Ethnicity and it just keeps going. None of the division makes any sense, government just keeps opening old wounds and spreading discontent.
The poor are against the rich. The liberal politicians in general and BHO in particular are constantly saying that the rich need to “pay their fair share”, yet none say what a fair share is. So-called Liberal politicians receive donations from liberal millionaires and billionaires they same way so-called Conservative politicians receive donations from conservative millionaires and billionaires. The wealthy liberal and conservative donors make political donations for one reason and one reason only, they want their agenda fulfilled. The politicians, liberal and conservative accept these donations, but the liberals must be doing it begrudgingly due to the fact that they constantly attack the wealthy by claiming they do not pay their fair share. Here is the brutal truth, government and politicians placed you into a controllable and easily manipulated group for a reason. Here is another ugly truth, the poor are poor and remain poor because of government, not the rich. While it is true there are some people in America that are born into money, they are born into money because their ancestors used or in some cases abused Capitalism to acquire wealth, as pointed out the system is not perfect. But, there are many more wealthy Americans because of a choice they made, they chose to better themselves and their “station” in life with Capitalism. Government holds people back not the wealthy, the wealthy provide the avenue for others by providing jobs, no poor man has ever hired anyone. Government does not create jobs or save jobs for anyone except government. Government does however control the business environment with rules and regulations, some of which are needed and good, while others are harmful stopping or stagnating growth in the Private sector. Government is not capable of creating but is very capable of destroying.
Race against Race. Racism is not dead in America. One would have to wonder how a country that could even conquer previously thought insurmountable goals as space travel, deep-sea exploration, great medical advances and the like could not even conquer racism. The answer is simple government, the MSM, politicians and activists keep racism alive and well, they need it, they feed on it. Even more despicable they rely on and expect the population to feed in it and to buy into the dribble they pedal. Racism implies the supremacy of one race while seeing another as inferior. The best example of this is intentionally placing or forcing a person or an entire Peoples to live, Ghetto. The original Ghetto was an island where the Jews were forced to live. The second Ghetto was a quarter in city where the Jews were forced to live under Nazi occupation of Europe in the 1930’s and 40’s. The third Ghetto was what the areas in the larger cities where the Blacks lived were referred to as being. Somewhere along the line during the 1960’s or early 70’s the word Ghetto was replaced with the word Projects, so it went from I live in the Ghetto to I live in the Projects, no matter what or how they were labeled they are one and the same. By definition a Ghetto is a quarter in a city in which members of a minority live especially because of social, legal or economic pressures. One has to wonder how far race relations in America would have truly progressed if government would have kept their noses out of the people’s business. Any person who is forced to do something will only harbor resentment, hostility and anger. Government intrusion into the daily life of America did not begin with forced desegregation and forced busing but these two intrusions caused more harm than good. The labeling of Americans by race is what lead to the quota system and the very beginnings of affirmative action. Does a person deserve special considerations because they belong to one ethnic group or another or are one color and not another? absolutely not. The gains of a person should be based on his or her own merit. It is supposed to be Content and not Color.
Ethnic group against Ethnic group. This is and has also been caused by government intrusions and serves no purpose than to divide Americans into groups that are readily identifiable. Government even encourages citizens not to assimilate in to American society. This is where hyphenated Americans come from, the government and the MSM seems to think and promote the idea of dual citizenship. If you are a Legal citizen of America that makes you an American, period and without hyphenation.

Wars. There are two kinds of wars 1. Wars between nations and 2. Wars against things.
Wars between nations should not be entered into lightly and never if there is not an intention to win, ties are unacceptable. There must be a winner and a loser, final and complete, if not the war will be fought again.
Wars against things, again there must be a plan to win and a complete strategy to a complete victory. The problem with a war against things is that things change.

Perpetual Wars. Perpetual wars are waged against things or ideals. Perpetual wars go on and on with no end in sight as the name implies. The reason for that is that there was never a strategy to win. The two longest wars in American history are the wars against poverty and drugs.
The war on poverty was brought about by LBJ and his idea of a “Great Society”. The only casualties of this war were the poor, the poor are still poor. This idea of a great society is what created social welfare. The federal government began the habit and practice of rewarding bad behavior, poor decision-making and in some cases laziness. Self sufficiency was replaced by government reliance. The federal government would always be there in times of need no mater how often or how long. The Ghettos became the Projects became Public housing, often referred to as Section 8 housing aka the “Hood”. Public housing was so successful that it was expanded to all races, and it still provides the government one thing forced housing in the name of social, economic and political reasons. No matter the state where public housing exists it is always in a city, never in rural America. So you see it really is a Ghetto in the truest meaning of the word, the cities are still divided into quarters, not to mean a true quarter which would be 25% of the whole, if you do not believe this to be true try finding public housing in any upscale neighborhood or anywhere near a politicians home. The poor live in the poor quarter while the rich live in the rich quarter. The Liberal politicians are the worst, they claim to be for middle America, but middle America is not welcome in their neighborhoods. Then there are the myriad of government programs to “help” in times of need, food stamps(EBT), WIC, reduced electricity and water, free phones and the list goes on and on. These programs were meant for one thing and one thing only, to teach government dependence and reliance. This one sure way to tell that the “War on Poverty” has been lost, some schools are now open during the summer to provide meals for hungry children, and some even send backpacks home with the children with food to last the week-end or holiday. The war was lost even before it began and yet countless millions are thrown at it each and every year. The war on poverty was lost before it began for one reason, poverty was addressed not the cause of poverty. Poverty and its continued existence serve the politicians well, the continual throwing of money at a problem amplified by politicians is a guarantee of continued votes.
The two things in America that were never meant to be a career or livelihood are politics and welfare. Power and Money, politicians can never have enough of either, while throwing money at poverty and the impoverished and deny them the power to rise out of poverty.
If you live in public housing and are on government (taxpayer) assistance ask yourself this. Do you live where you want or are you living where the government wants you to live? Are you living the life you deserve or the one that the government has provided for you? If you had the opportunity could you provide better for yourself and your family? Could you be self-reliant?
The only way to end poverty is to end the war on poverty and re-establish self-reliance.
The war on drugs was and is another failure of government. Was the plan was to rid society of drug offenders or drugs?

Legal Immigration, Illegal Immigration, Immigration Reform and Amnesty.
The numbers of Legal immigrants applying for citizenship in a country speaks highly of the country, its form of government, way of life and the society. There does not appear to be vast numbers of people applying to immigrate to Mexico, Cuba, or North Korea, but there are many wanting to come to America.
Illegal Immigration. If you are here in America Illegally, you came here for a reason social, political or economic if you wish to become an American or live here legally go back to your home country and do it the right way. Get in line behind the others that are doing it the legal and right way. If your home country has a system other than Capitalism and that is why you came here illegally, then you are a coward and are only interested in self-preservation. You left your countrymen to face the same things you ran from. The Founding Fathers of America faced their challenges, they did not run away from the country they loved, America was their home. Rather than run away the men and women of colonial America fought for and many died to rid this country of the same thing you run from. The early Americans made a choice, a hard choice they waged a war to throw a tyrannical and oppressive ruler and government from this soil. The Founding Fathers took stand, caused change and made a difference. Like the song says “America the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Go back to your home country and consider your options, you have three,1. Continue to live under a system that you obviously despise. 2. Legal immigration to America. 3. Cause change in your home country socially, economically or politically. If you choose option 2 assimilate into American life.
Immigration Reform. If the politicians want to reform Immigration Law do this first, 1. Close and secure the borders allow no more in. 2. Resident Aliens, give them first consideration after all they have done the right things, paid the fees and work and pay taxes. 3. The people currently applying for admission allow them to finish the process they are doing the right thing. 4. Revisit the laws on the books and adjust if necessary based on need of the country and for the good of the country not for politics, political gain or political correctness or your personal agenda or your ego.
Those that are here illegally should be asking themselves a question. How can you trust the president of a nation who knowingly allowed you in illegally and in some case invited you in illegally? You broke the law and he encouraged it and welcomed it. Now you are being used as a tool with threats of amnesty if congress does not act on immigration reform on his schedule.
Amnesty. Not again once was enough.

Lies and Distractions. The telling of a falsehood knowing the opposite or something else is true. The one truth about a lie is that when uncovered for what it is you must cover it again or cause a distraction to draw attention from the original lie. The more you lie the more cover and distraction are needed to draw away attention. The latest distraction provided for the entertainment of America was provided by the fence jumper that made it into the White House. The question how was he not stopped can be answered by this, he was no threat and they knew it. There had been previous interaction with this man by secret service agents. Then the release of a story about the president riding in an elevator with an armed guard who just happened to be an ex-criminal. Oh please, but at least all the talk about the other scandals has ended for now.

Firsts. America has now had its first beheading of a non-Muslim by a Muslim. We also have our first case of Ebola, this particular mess just keeps unfolding and revealing more and more possibilities.

The elections are less than 1 month away. What are the incubation and quarantine times for Ebola? We were told this would never reach or borders. Is this just another lie or is it a distraction? Is this the transformation of America that was the real agenda? Was Ebola purposely allowed into America to prove that we are not exceptional? Is this political correctness run amuck? Was this to prove that we are one world and what effects one effects all?

How did we get to this point?

We now are witness to the collapse and impending fall of Iraq and BHO takes time to give a speech on “climate change” fundraise, golf and vacation in California. The decision on what military action to take in Iraq will take days, and then only if the Iraqis can work out their political differences. Once again he has “telegraphed” his strategy to the insurgents when he said no “combat troops” will be involved. The Iraqis can not work out their political differences until they can work out their religious differences, and BHO knows this. In fact this latest outbreak of violence in Iraq is their way of working out their political differences based on religion. In the coming days the news media will call the increased violence and fighting in Iraq a “civil war” but it is actually a “religious war”. The Iraqi politicians are not labeled with a (D), (I) or an (R) behind their name, the are either Sunni, Shia or Kurd, therefore the religious beliefs of the elected officials dictate and are dictated in any legislation passed. They do not represent the political party and certainly not the people or the country only the religious beliefs of their sect.

There has even been talk around about breaking Iraq into three separate countries giving each of the three groups in Iraq their own country to curb and possibly prevent further violence and for political expediency. The Sunni, The Shia and the Kurds would have their own countries separate of the others. This insane idea has already been tried and has before almost brought the world to the brink of war. At the conclusion of World War 2 both Korea and Vietnam were divided, the city of Berlin was divided into four parts, Germany itself was divided, even Europe was divided, all for the cause of political expediency. These divisions that were for political expediency created a policy of containment. What was being contained Communism or Capitalism or simply just the people? The division of Iraq will not lead to peace, never has never will, and will not contain the religion or the violence.

The divisions of the nations of the world in the name of political expediency caused a stagnation in some parts of the world, some countries of the world have remained at their stage of development at the conclusion of World War 2. This is demonstrated by their lack of advancement in science and technology, they must rely upon advanced nations of the world for their mere existence with most unable to feed themselves. With few exceptions most notably Israel, South Korea, Japan and China, the only nations of the world to advance past the 1940’s are the victors of World War 2 as demonstrated by the rest of the world calling on them.

Still other nations of the world are stagnated by religious differences and remain in the same stage of development they were in at the outbreak of their religious wars. Culturally they have not advanced beyond killing one another in the name of religion, they have stagnated themselves in the name of religious expediency.

There have been many foreign policy attempts made by many leaders of the world. The policy of appeasement gave us World War 2. The policy of containment gave us the Korean War, The Vietnam War, the First war with Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, the second war with Iraq and numerous other hostile actions. But of late we see a new and dangerous foreign policy of destabilization and abandonment. The best example of destabilization is the unprovoked attack on Libya. The best example of abandonment is Iraq. With the foreign policy of destabilization and abandonment if you add in the providing of arms and equipment to insurgents you get the new policy of confusing enemies with allies. Add in the idle threats made with no intent to act you get Syria. Add in the “there will be consequences” you get the Crimea and the Ukraine. The best examples of providing arms, equipment and training to insurgents would be Libya and Syria. The best example of confusing enemies with allies would be the muslim brotherhood in Egypt. Now add in the policy of not wanting to offend you get boko haram.

The foreign policy of destabilization, abandonment, providing arms, equipment and training to insurgents, confusing enemies with allies, making idle threats, there will be consequences and not wanting to offend has changed the landscape of the world. The destabilization of Libya by supporting the insurgents with arms and equipment and U.S. airstrikes led to the death of the Libyan dictator, the convenient leaving of more arms and equipment for the rebels to steal and all that combined led to the murder of four Americans at Benghazi. The very same weapons and equipment from Libya were used in the latest insurgency victories in Iraq, where more weapons and equipment were seized including helicopters, surface to air missiles, air to air missiles, anti-tank ammunition, wheeled vehicles and who knows what else. While the insurgents were overrunning town after town they stopped long enough to rob the banks of millions of dollars and gold, raise their flag and invoke sharia law. Abandonment of Iraq has led to destabilization and was an open invitation for al-Qaeda and their splinter groups to take over. Even if the government forces regain their composure and take the fight to the insurgents, which is unlikely, the insurgents still have all the weapons and equipment they already seized not to mention the millions in dollars and gold. If the insurgents take Baghdad they will get more arms and equipment and will have more banks to rob. What will be the next target for the al-Qaeda splinter groups? The U.S. will abandon Afghanistan in two years. Syria still has chemical weapons that have not yet been destroyed and quite possibly biological weapons left over from the first war with Iraq, that would be a great prize for any terrorist group. Iraq is a large country and offers many places to hide chemical and biological weapons left over from the old regime and some of those men from the old regime still live and might just know where to find them.

If America has to engage the al-Qaeda splinter groups in battle it will be a much different engagement, our country will be fighting men armed with our equipment and with the same level of training as our own military. Airpower would be used but at what cost, two forces fighting and using with the same equipment would be disastrous, wrong targets could be taken out, and correct targets could be missed. Friendly fire, mistaking allies for enemies and enemies for allies.

Two quick questions.
1. Did the latest insurgent victories in Iraq come before or after the five Taliban commanders were swapped for one deserter?
2. Has the missing airliner been found?

The best example of non-stagnation is America, there was a time when America even tried to divide itself for political expediency, the north would not let the south out of the union. The American “Civil War” more aptly called the “War of Northern Aggression” was not about slavery as much as it was about the preservation of the Union. The south wanted out for political reasons the north attacked the south for economic and self-preservation reasons. The south did not seek to rejoin their previous rulers, as was the case with the Crimea rejoining mother Russia, the yoke of tyranny had already been forcibly removed and would not be voluntarily worn again. The south viewed the life under the north as tyrannical and oppressive as life before under the rule of the British Crown. Our nation is relatively young but since the civil war we have made many advances in science and technology, we have not remained in the nineteenth century. America have moved on because America was not a victim of the same political expediency that the victors of World War 2 inflicted on the rest of the world.

Incentive or coercion

One has to wonder why now are so many restaurants, fast food and sit down, are posting no fire arms allowed signs, and why banking institutions are deciding to close accounts for firearms retailers or are refusing to open accounts for fire arms retailers.

The decision by the restaurant owners may be tied to Obamacare. The employer mandate exemption sought by many restaurant chains may have “strings” attached. Was the “exemption” only a “deferral”? What are the restaurant chains forced to do to continue to qualify for the exemption? The restaurant chains know that if they comply fully with the Obamacare mandates they will have to raise their prices as their overhead costs rise, or that they will be forces to fire or layoff workers to get below the threshold. They also know this, the placement of no firearms signs will invite criminals. This is called “making a deal with the devil”. Remember it was the politicians that forced their will upon you, removing your freedom of choice as how to conduct your business and what benefits you must provide or what restrictions you must make on your patrons. Remember them by voting their sorry asses out of office. You have the right to conduct your business as you see fit, not how the government forces you conduct your business. I will see and remember the sign on your door and you can rest assured that my shadow will never cross your threshold and my money will never cross your palm. I will never check to see if you took down that stupid sign, for me it will be up forever.

The decision by the banks may be tied to the bank bailouts and continued borrowing from the Federal Reserve. The firearms retailers seem to have been labeled as “high risk”. Insuring “high risk” occupations and borrowing against “high risk” business ventures come with a much higher premium for insurance, and a much higher interest rate for borrowing. The banking institutions may even get a “sweeter deal” from the fed if they refuse to serve certain accounts, this used to be called discrimination.

WE may even soon see the start in business insurance policy cancellations and denials for the “high risk” firearms retailers, after all the Insurance Industry was “bailed out” by the government(taxpayers) also. A business can not remain in business with out insurance, one “slip and fall” can wipe out a small business.

Labeling the firearms retailers as “high risk” will surely make its way to ownership of firearms as “high risk” to home owners insurance, health insurance, dental insurance, life insurance and even auto insurance. As pointed out above, the higher the risk the higher the premiums.

Which one of our Constitutional Rights will next be labeled “high risk”?

The Second Amendment is a guarantee that the federal government shall not infringe on the right of the people to keep and bear arms, it does not guarantee that private companies and individuals, including yourself even if forced to for economic reasons can not. We may be “forced” to “voluntarily” give up our Constitutional and Second Amendment rights for affordability.

Now is the time for the Pro-Gun groups to fix their differences and join forces to establish gun friendly banking institutions and insurance companies. You will get my business.