Fences, Walls and Bridges

Fences are meant to keep something in or to keep something out. Ranchers use fences to control the movement of livestock, keeping something in. Farmers use fences to keep critters out of the planted areas, keeping something out. Fences are also used for ornamental purposes.

Walls outside of structural uses(homes and such)have been used to keep things out, including people. There were walls built around entire cities in history. There was a time when walls were built around forts. China even has the great wall, one of the seven wonders of the world. The great wall has even became quite a popular tourist destination.

Bridges have been constructed throughout history. They serve many purposes. They provide ease of access by avoiding obstacles, either natural or man-made. They are used to control and/or limit access.

Common sense dictates that one should build fences, walls or bridges when and where appropriate. What is happening in Europe at this moment is what happens when a bridge was built when what was needed was a wall. By the way, where is the country known as “the rape capital of the world” located? Oh, that’s right Europe. Was Sweden the rape capital of the world before or after the refugee invasion? I do not recall Sweden having that distinction prior to the refugee crisis. European countries have built a bridge that leads straight to their women and the raping hordes have been more than appreciative of that bridge. By the way, it is not only women that are being raped across Europe.

Kindness, compassion and being big-hearted are words the liberal socialist progressives and globalists like to throw around. The words themselves sound harmless even inviting, problem is the invading hordes are not harmless. Again I use Europe as an example, the Europeans have bent over backwards to be kind, compassionate and big-hearted to the refugees and look at what has happened. One can not be kind, compassionate or big-hearted to those who are incapable of showing even the slightest bit of gratitude. The ungrateful will most assuredly bite the hand that feeds them.

Fences and walls are no more than obstacles. One should always place as many obstacles as possible between themselves and those that would do them harm. The more the better and make them as formidable as possible. Unfortunately many governments are removing or have removed any and all obstacles between their citizens and those that would do them harm. It is not just the physical harm inflicted on the citizen but the economic harm. This is true in Europe as well as right here in the U.S.