This is not what I voted for

Good grief. There has to be something better than what we have. Kind of looks like we re-elected a Congress of “can kickers”. Year in and year out we get the same result from our congress critters. Has none of them have the intestinal fortitude to force the leadership in both the House and Senate to do their freaking job? Oh, I forgot for a moment that Congress elects their own leaders. Can kickers electing other can kickers to be the leaders of the can kickers as a whole.

You tell me and expect the rest of this Republic to believe you did not know that today was coming? It and all of the drama that goes along with a “possible government shutdown”. You knew this day was coming from the day you were elected. Must you always wait until the last freaking minute? Let me do the math for you. It may be a little difficult as I am the product of the Public School System, the very same Public School System you rammed down the throats of the good citizens of this Republic. You critters were sworn in January the Third. January has 31 Days(checking my knuckles just to be sure, yep 31, high spot). 31 minus 3 = 28(had to use a calculator for that). So for those 28 days you did nothing. February has 28 days(just a minute checking my knuckles again, yep low spot, wait have to check a calendar, yep 28, 2017 is an odd year no possibility of being a leap year). So for the 28 days of February you did nothing. Hold on while I again consult my calculator. 28 plus 28 = 56, so for a total of 56 days you did nothing. Then came March, March has 31 days(consulting my knuckles again, yep high spot 31). Damn more math, just a minute getting my calculator 28+28+31=87, so for a total 87 days you did nothing. Now it is the 28th day of April(won’t need to consult my knuckles this time, but I will still need my calculator). Damn even more math 28+28+31+28=115, that means that for 115 days you could not put together a funding bill for the government, much less a budget.

The best you could do was an extension, a one week extension. Do you really believe that you can do in 7 days what you could not do in 115 days? Worse that do you expect me to believe you can do in 7 days what you could not do in 115 days?

This is the truth of the matter. This Republic is controlled by 2 political parties, one which can not and will not do the right thing and the other that can not be brought to do the right thing. You care more for yourselves and your continued happiness more than you do for this Republic or it’s legal and lawful inhabitants. Let me prove that with this. You knew from the day you were elected that the government would run out of money on April, 28th 2017. You also knew this day was coming before you went on vacation, you went on vacation anyway. You would not even delay or postpone your vacation, you mattered most.

I can’t wait to see how far you kick the rest down the road. The border wall. Repeal of Obamacare. And the rest. This is how I see it. When all of you congress critters are present and all the seats are filled there are 535 of you. 535 elected welfare recipients.

I was sitting on the back porch a while ago and a Skunk happened to pass by, man, that was brutal. But I can’t get mad with the Skunk, after all that is what Skunks do they Stink. Then it donned on me, I would rather be in the presence of a Skunk than any of you congress critters. At least a Skunk does exactly what a Skunk is supposed to do.


Enjoy it while you can consumers and retailers alike

I have enjoyed the falling gas prices of recent as have some retailers I have been doing commerce with, much to the chagrin of Wall Street and the investors. More on Wall Street and the investors later. But for now.

Good news with the falling gas prices I now find myself with more disposable income. This is how this works for me. First I have had no significant pay raises in quite some time, therefore even though I have a job I live on a fixed income. My pay is split into the following. First I cover the basic necessities food, clothing and shelter. Second are the utilities. Third is gas costs to get my butt to work, figured by actual miles driven and fuel mileage. Fourth is to save 10% of what is left. Why 10% you ask, because I know and have known that even though I am required to pay into Social Security I will not get a monthly check, the money will run out. Fifth give to the Church. Sixth what ever is left is disposable, meaning it is spent in the local area in an attempt to keep the employed, employed. If what I want to buy is not available in the local area, then I must shop outside, either way someone has a job. Consequently the less the third costs me the more of number 6 I have, the more number three costs the less of number 6 I have.
More good news. The falling gas prices have allowed me to take the boat out more often. Going fishing more often has meant more trips to the bait store and the gas station. The owner of the bait store has had more business, selling shrimp. The owner of the gas station has been selling more gas. The owner of the shrimp boat has been going out more often and catching shrimp, if no one is fishing he can not sell his shrimp that are to small for restaurants. The fuel for the shrimp boat costs less, the shrimp he sells costs less, the owner of the bait store sells shrimp for less because they cost him less, I go fishing more often and buy more shrimp and gas. All of this is because fuel prices have come down. Yes, economics are this simple.
I understand supply and demand. If the supply is low and demand is high prices go up. If the supply is high and demand is low prices come down. I also understand that supply can be manipulated to effect price. I also understand this if production and transportation costs are low so are prices, and that the opposite is true.

Items 1, 4 and 5 are not negotiable and will be done. Item 2 fluctuates with the season. Item 3 is a must, if my butt does not get to work none of them happen. Item 6 is dependent on all before.
The only one that I have even the slightest control over is second, the utilities, but only to a certain extent. I can control how much electricity I use but I can not control the cost.

Bad news my power company will be raising the rates for electricity this month. My electric bill will be increasing thereby effecting my disposable income. New regulations from the feds.
More bad news, the new republican controlled congress is considering raising the gas tax. This too will affect my disposable income.
Even more bad news, for the owner of the gas station, I will be buying less gas. To the owner of the bait store, I will be stopping by less often for shrimp. To the owner of the shrimp boat, the owner of the bait store will be needing less shrimp. We all will likely be needing less fuel.

The federal government once again has it all backwards. In an attempt to take more from the American people, they will in all probability end up with less. The federal government should be finding a way to lessen the burden on business. Business will get people back to work not the federal government. If more people were working, more people would be going to work and buying gas to get there. Stop taking and use what you have already taken, but use it wisely. Tell America where all of the money in the Highway Trust Fund went. While you are at it tell America where all the money you took from us went. The only money you seem to have enough of is welfare money, never hear that it is used up, must not be many on welfare. Since there must be a surplus of welfare money use it to fill up the other accounts. Surely you have not done the opposite. Have you?

Now to Wall Street and the investors. Frankly, I do not give a rat’s butt about your worries and concerns about the falling gas prices. The only reason that Wall Street has been doing so good is that the feds have been pumping money into your stock market. Directly or Indirectly. With the feds holding the interest rate at or near zero the investments have been flowing to Wall Street. Where else is there to invest with any real possibility of a descent return? Do not worry yourself too much I am quite sure your friends in Congress will bail you out once again. Just for grins and giggles disclose how much money really is in the stock market. You are not driving the Economy. The only thing you are driving is America to the poor house with the aid of Congress, Politicians and the Fed.