Upside down and Backwards

Who would have ever thought America would reach this point? The point of being upside down and backwards. Being born in the 1950’s I remember an America that was right side up and moving forward. That was the America that was and now we have the America that is.

I remember a time when signs of national pride were everywhere. Classes in School were interrupted, a television was brought in and we would watch the rocket launches in an attempt to get an American on the moon. There were pictures and portraits of the presidents, the signing of the Declaration of Independence and many other American historical events and historical figures aka heroes. Copies and renditions of the Declaration of Independence, The U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, The Ten Commandments were everywhere. Flags were raised and lowered according to custom and tradition, Old Glory, the State Flag and yes even the Confederate Battle Flag. The Flags were respected even revered. Memorial Day brought about the most beautiful action possible, honoring the fallen. Flags were placed at the grave of each fallen soldier that lost their lives in service to their country. The soldiers of Confederate States of America were honored the same as the soldiers that lost their lives in service to the United States of America. The graves of fallen Confederate soldiers had a small Confederate battle Flag placed near their headstone. The fallen U.S. soldiers had a small U.S. Flag placed near their headstone. Respect and Dignity. Religious symbols were on public display. Statues were erected to honor men of the past and they too were on pubic display. All of this and much more and no one was offended. America was exceptional. That is the America that was. That was the America I and so many of you grew up in.

Now we have a country that has been turned upside down. There is a movement to remove any sign of and deny all national pride. It is ushered and encouraged by the Federal Government. We have a president who felt the need to go around the world on an apology tour, apologizing for America and even to declare that America was no more exceptional than any other country. He alone declared that there is no American exceptionalism. The religious symbols are slowly but surely being removed from public display on public land and from public buildings. As a matter of fact each and everything listed above is in danger. It seems that America and its greatness has become offensive. The truly sad part is that it is the citizens of America that enjoy lie here are the ones who are most offended by America. This is the America that is. This is the America that future generations will grow up in.

There was a time when the citizens of America were a resilient and hardy people. A time when a set-back or failure was viewed as another opportunity to succeed or at least try to succeed and keep trying. There was a time when the citizens of America were a self-reliant and self-sufficient people. They would do for themselves and provide for themselves. During times of exceptional hardships or severe set-backs these people would accept a hand-up never a hand-out. The hand-up came from the neighbors or the Churches. Repayment came in the form of helping another if they needed it. That is the America that was. That was the America I and so many of you grew up in.

Now we have a country that has been turned upside down. Through government programs and conditioning of the citizenry resiliency and hardiness are long forgotten or rarely practiced by the young. Now a set-back causes despair. The same government programs have conditioned some of the population to the point that they are no longer self-reliant or self-sufficient. There is no need to do or provide for themselves, the government will do that for them. They have become conditioned and accustomed to living on government hand-outs. The government does not and is not in the habit of offering a hand-up, their specialty is giving hand-outs. A friend will offer a hand-up, the government will give you a hand-out. The government is not your friend. What the government gives to one it takes from another. Again, each and every trait and attribute listed above is in danger. The government is about power and control. It is hard to rule over a population that is resilient, hardy, self-reliant and self-sufficient they can be governed but not ruled. On the other hand is easy to rule over a population that exhibits none of those qualities and is totally dependent on government. This is the America that is. This is the America that future generation will grow up in.

I could go on about the America that was and the America that is in regards to: The Judicial Branch legislating from the bench. The Legislative Branch abdicating its power to the Executive and Judicial Branches. The Executive Branch Usurping power. Immigration, legal and illegal. Amnesty for illegal aliens. Gun Control. And so many other examples of how America has turned upside down and backwards. I almost forgot to address the backwards part, so here it is.

There was a time in America when the yoke of tyranny and oppression became so heavy and oppressive that a group of brave men staked their Lives, their Fortunes and Sacred Honor to wrest the Colonies from rule by a tyrannical dictator and a tyrannical form of government. The Revolutionary War was waged against The British Crown and Great Britain to cast of the yoke of tyranny and oppression. The British Crown chose to have and fight that war, the Colonists did not want war. The Colonists only wanted to govern themselves and be left alone. The crown wanted to rule the Colonists. There are only two ways to get a person to see your point of view, Reason and Force. The Crown would not listen to reason, option 2 force was exercised. A Revolution is normally to through off and abolish a form of government. That is the America that was.

Now we have a country that has turned backwards. Not so much the country but the government. It seems that the government, all three branches along with the various departments and agencies has declared a war against the citizens through their onerous rules and regulations. Not to mention a total disregard to the will of the people. It cold be seen as a Reverse Revolutionary War, on in which the government is attempting to place the yoke of tyranny and oppression around the necks of the citizenry. As stated above, there are only two ways to get a person to come to your point of view, Reason and Force. This is the America that is or may become. It is or may become the America the America we are forced to live in as well as future generations.

This is a good time to mention one of the greatest fictional literary works, at least in my opinion. 1984 by George Orwell, it was either fiction or a look into the future. It is beginning to appear as a glimpse of what he future holds for us.
Two parts come to mind and need to addressed.
First is the Memory Dump. A hole in the wall going to a chute where everything went that Big Brother said was to be erased from existence, like it never happened. Big Brother decided what was the truth and what never happened. Is the intent is to relegate the Confederacy and all associated with it to the Memory Dump? Are the attempts to destroy all signs of the Confederacy an effort to deny it ever existed? The Confederacy will not be relegated to the memory dump, it existed and will for evermore be a part of the American history. The A in the U.S.A. and the C.S.A. stood for the same thing America. No you will not get to deny the Confederacy existed.
Second is the Ministry of Love. The place where non-conformists were sent, and in some cases those that knew the truth. They were sent there to be re-educated and conform or just to disappear. FEMA Camps anyone.

Possibilities and a twist

Lately there has been much on JADE HELM and the possibilities of the military exercise being used as a prelude or practice for Martial Law and a round-up and extraction of citizens for either placement in FEMA Camps or outright elimination.

First let’s take up the possibility of Martial Law.
Martial Law by definition is 1: the law applied in occupied territory by the military of the occupying power 2: the law administered by military forces that is invoked by a government in an emergency when the civilian law enforcement agencies are unable to maintain order and safety.
Let’s break these down.
Martial Law under definition 1 would require of two one of two possibilities.

1 America invaded, defeated and occupied by a foreign power. This is highly unlikely, unless prearranged for political expediency. Even then the foreign power would have to face the American people. Even Japan after the successful sneak attack on the U.S. Military at Pearl Harbor did not dare to attempt an attack on mainland America. Japan and it’s military did not at that time fear or respect the U.S. Government or the Military, if they had they would have never attacked. What they did fear was the American people and their capabilities, the same as any person with half of a brain would do.

2. The American government to declare war on the American people, this is the most unlikely of all. It is the American people who pay for government, the government dries up and ceases to exist and the people are still here. Even if this were to happen ALL civilian(non-military)personnel would be removed from office to be replaced by the military, either in the effected areas or the nation as a whole, this would not serve politicians well. Remember Martial Law is administered by the Military. That is unless they appointed themselves as Generals and Admirals.
Martial Law under definition 2 is the problem and has almost an endless array of possibilities of coming into existence. Let’s take a look at some of these possibilities.

First a large-scale terrorist attack. Let’s not forget the events on September the eleventh of 2001. 9/11 solidified the American people like no time since the Japanese attack on December seventh 1941. Differences were set aside and the Americans became one voice. Public order and safety remained intact. Another would do the same.

Second a natural disaster. Hurricane Katrina comes to mind and the events that unfolded along the gulf coast especially those in New Orleans. Law, order and public safety deteriorated rapidly. Local law enforcement agencies were over whelmed and the active and guard units of the military were called to assist. This event met the criteria for definition 2. Not meaning to downplay the loss of life, property and damage inflicted by Katrina but it was a localized event. Though the area of destruction and damage was large it was small in comparison to the size of America. Therefore if Martial Law was declared it would have been for a relatively small area in America and would have ceased upon restoration of order and public safety.

Third societal breakdown. Much like witnessed in Missouri, Maryland, New York and the other localities where riots broke out after the death of a person, and every time a minority, at the hands of law enforcement. These were too a localized event that law enforcement was capable of handling to restore order and public safety.

Fourth a total financial collapse. This event would trigger civil unrest like almost no other. Government would have no funds to pay the bills, this would not trigger the unrest. The unrest would commence as soon as the government checks stopped coming. Those that have become dependent on government, and in some cases generational, for their every need and in some cases wants would find themselves penniless with no prospects. The amount of crime that would arise would soon overwhelm local law enforcement, the military could even be overwhelmed.

Fifth a total power failure. It would not matter if it was caused by the forces of nature or manmade the result would be the same. Possibilities three and four would follow in short order. The “grand daddy” of them all.

Sixth a small-scale terrorist attack. Not meaning to downplay the loss of life, pain or suffering but the Boston Marathon bombing comes to mind. Again the country came together. But, the Boston Marathon bombing provided something the 9/11 attacks did not. The bombing provided two live terrorists on the loose in a major U.S. city, Boston. The man hunt for the two suspects caused the “lock-down” of a city and provided law enforcement the opportunity to conduct warrantless searches of people’s homes in search of the two suspects in the name of public safety, of course.

Of the six possibilities listed above, and there are many more, only the second can not be arranged, the other five can be engineered or allowed to happen. However government is not above “capitalizing” on natural disasters.

Just as the Boston Marathon bombing provided opportunities for placing a city on “lockdown” and warrantless searches which proved to be valuable training, Hurricane Katrina provided opportunities as well. Warrantless searches of homes for stranded people and most important of all forced relocation of citizens. Were there any complaints? It was all done in the name of public safety. Much was revealed about the people and how much freedom and liberty they would surrender in the name of security. 9/11 brought air travel in America to a stand still and ushered in an even larger government. Travelers must now endure the intrusions of the TSA just to travel by air, again more freedom and liberty were surrendered for security. Not to mention one glaringly important fact. People, at least some of them, will obey government and follow directions without question.

Now to the matter of round-ups and extractions. This type of operation would require an effort on such a large-scale it is almost unmanageable. So much must tale place before such an effort could be undertaken. All forms of communication would most certainly have to be shut down. There would need to be a MSM blackout, no news. No television, radio, cell phones, internet and the list just goes on and on, but the population remains mobile. Shut all of this down at once, see possibility number three. Not to mention every one selected for round-up would have to be tracked 24 hours a day to ascertain their exact location prior to commencement of the round-ups not to mention the extraction method would need to be close at hand. Even if selected people were placed on color coded priority lists the logistics are mind-boggling.
There is a way however, to get the intended quarry to come to you. No need to find them if you know where they will be, a kind of arranged meeting. More on this in a subsequent paragraph.

One more note on Martial Law, where it has been implemented the people had no way to fight back and were the losers in an armed contest. A military government was established soon replaced by a provisional government and eventually a stable permanent form of government if all went according to plan. In recent conflicts the martial law part was never implemented, it instead went straight to a provisional government that became permanent even if it was corrupt. Politically Expedient.

Disarming a nation. There are those who will say there are only two ways to get a person to agree with you. Reason and Force. In other words get them to voluntarily disarm or take them by force. Taking them by force could come at a heavy cost. Voluntarily disarming is the cheapest way. But what if there was a third way? Let them keep them but give them no reason to resist, it is for your own good and safety, or show them resistance is futile at best.

As to JADE HELM 15 I am not saying that it is or is not a prelude or practice for the implementation of Martial Law or being used as a cover for round-up and forced relocations. It may be to demonstrate the over whelming force that could be deployed against resistance, but it could be used to demonstrate the force and reaction a terror group would be facing. What I do find odd about the exercise is the publicity, though that may be the intention. Advertising a show of force is a pretty effective deterrent. The duration is tiring an taxing on a person participating. The training in, near and around populated areas. Most military accidents occur during training. Or maybe just an excuse to pre-position needed equipment and personnel.

Above I only listed six possibilities. What if there was a seventh? An “accidental” release causing a potentially extremely deadly biological event real or imagined.

Here is the twist. This goes back to arranging a meeting, bringing your quarry to you. Why now the news of the “accidental” shipments of live anthrax so close to an announced realistic military training exercise? News comes out everyday of more shipments. If it is live and ends up in the hands of some incompetent lab assistant that “accidentally” opens Pandora’s Box, what then. This would be the “news flash”. An accidental release has occurred all persons should report to wherever for testing. The Quarry comes in voluntarily and “tests positive” and must be relocated for treatment to prevent further spread. There you have it turned yourself in and willing got on the bus to receive “treatment”.

Or maybe JADE HELM 15 is to bring distrust upon the Military, after all they are the most trusted part of the government. Events are being used to bring distrust for law enforcement.