What will be the next excuse?

The justification of terrorism by Radical Islamic terrorists by the liberal progressives is a new bench mark in stupidity. The Islamic terrorists have no plan or intent to find work or start a business, they already have a job and are in business, and that job is terrorism, and are in the business of jihad, Islamic holy war. As for opportunity, the Islamic Terrorists engage is terrorism at every opportunity. BHO and his minions are so intent on being politically correct and avoiding offending the Muslim world that they will not call the Islamic Terrorists for what they are, Islamic Terrorists. BHO upped the ante when he said the Muslims have grievances. When a group or a person expresses grievances they are in essence trying to prove legitimacy. Is BHO suggesting that the Islamic terrorists are legitimate? The Radical Islamic Terrorists have no desire to improve their lives or the lives of anyone taken hostage or for that matter improving life in their occupied territories. Their only intention is to rob, rape, murder and pillage. The Islamic State has but one goal to re-establish the Caliphate with Baghdad as the capital just as it was before, sort of taking up where they left off.

The policies of BHO are quite similar to those of LBJ and that is frightening. Like LBJ, BHO is running the war from the White House, BHO may even selecting and approving targets personally, just as LBJ did. LBJ as president caused the loss of the Viet Nam war. By the time Nixon became president the anti-war protests were destroying this country. Nixon had to find a way out of that war, Kissinger and the Paris Peace Accords. The U.S. abandoned South Viet Nam and it fell to the Communist North.

BHO has no intention of defeating the Islamic State. The U.S. government is still seeking to arm and train the “moderate Muslims” in Syria that are fighting the Assad government forces. The moderate Muslims, if they can be called that, are at times likely to join with ISIS if they share the same ends. If ISIS is attacking Assad’s forces what will the “moderate rebels” do? Will they just observe? Or will they join with ISIS? I submit they will join ISIS, another instance of the enemy of my enemy. If BHO wanted to defeat ISIS he would be arming the Kurds directly instead of going through the Iraqi government and form an alliance with Assad. But no, he is instead arming the moderates in Syria, who may be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, or apt to switch sides at the drop of a hat. It seems a bit asinine to arm and train a likely and potential enemy. As I have written before it is extremely difficult to engage and defeat an opposing army that are using the same weapons and training, not to mention the enormous cost in life. It would be like shadow boxing, fighting ones own self.

If the intention is not to defeat ISIS, what is the intention? BHO may well be going back to a cold-war tactic, Containment. What would containment do? If ISIS were to be driven back and contained in Syria, ISIS would be the problem of Assad and his ally Russia. To drive ISIS back into Syria and contain them there they must first be driven from Iraq and where ever else they have set up operations. This can not be accomplished by pin-prick airstrikes. To accomplish this there will need to be a relentless air campaign not seen since WW 2, and then that will not be enough. Men and women in ground combat units will need to engage ISIS. Short of this action the Islamic State must be contained where they are at present.

There is one more glaring similarity between LBJ and BHO, BHO is now attempting the same thing in the war with the Islamic State aka Radical Islamic Terrorists, that LBJ did in Viet Nam, dis-ownership of the war. LBJ wanted to give ownership of the to South Viet Nam, he called it the “Viet Namization of the war”. BHO seems to want to hand the war off to the Arab nations, it will probably get some catchy name.

Not only does BHO not call Islamic extremists for what they are he also refuses to give the proper identity to the victims. The Jews murdered in Paris at the Jewish deli were not “just some folks” They were Jews and they were singled out for murder based on Religion. Just what “folks” does BHO think that would be shopping at a Jewish deli, they sure would not be Moslems. The Coptic Christians that were beheaded in Libya were not jus Egyptian citizens, they were Christians and that is why they were beheaded. These crimes against Jews and Christians were not because they had an unfortunate encounter with Radical Islam, they were singled out and killed because of their religion and for no other reason.

Since BHO felt the need to address the events in Ferguson, MO telling the world that America has its share of racial and ethnic problems, let me interject this about moderates. The protests in Ferguson and in other parts of America were at the onset to address grievances or supposed grievances. How many of the protesters percentage wise were there to address their grievances and how many of the protesters percentage wise were there to cause chaos, mayhem and destruction. The ones who were there to address grievances could be labeled as moderates. When the violence and destruction erupted how many of the “moderates” disengaged? Did they all become “radicals” and participate in the chaos, mayhem and destruction? The moderates joined the radicals and became as one, pack mentality. There were no protests to express grievances about the destruction. There was only more protests that erupted into chaos, mayhem and destruction, the cycle repeated itself and the moderates joined with the radicals. There was no news footage of the moderates disengaging. I ask the same questions about “moderate Muslims”, at what point will they become united as one?

If the lack of jobs and opportunity are the root cause of radical extremism, I ask why are not the unemployed and those denied opportunity here in America not acting as the Radical Islamists? The answer is that they are placated by government in the form of social welfare programs. Sort of bought off to prevent bad behavior. Which brings this up. Will the government placate terrorists with social welfare programs known as tribute payments. The same as the Muslim nations along the African coast did at the beginnings of America. Surely America has not regressed to the point of entertaining the notion of paying tribute to avoid attacks.

Excuses are used to justify an act, such as it was done because _________ (fill in the blank). So I ask, what excuse will be offered by BHO and his administration for the next Islamic attack on another because of religion? Do these people have a gold fish bowl full of excuses, reach in and grab one and make it fit the narrative or position? It is true that America is not at war with Islam, but it sure seems hat Islam is at war with the non-Islamic rest of the world.

At the National Prayer Breakfast BHO slammed Christianity for the Crusades. BHO did not state the truth, that the Crusades were the result of Muslim aggression and domination and the Crusades were the Christians addressing legitimate grievances. He instead blamed Christianity for the Crusades.

Choosing sides, which side is BHO on?

Sometimes one just has to wonder whose side is BHO and his administration is on, not really it is self-evident, even painfully clear. After it was revealed that ISIS had burned alive a Jordanian pilot King Abdullah of Jordan promptly hung 2 terrorists and bombed the snot out of ISIS positions. After the mass beheadings by the Islamic State in Libya of 21 Coptic Christians from Egypt, President el-Sisi promptly bombed the snot out of ISIS in Libya. These two leaders of countries provide a stark contrast to our own president BHO. After hearing of an American being killed by the Islamic State he either goes golfing, fund-raising or watches football.

BHO said that the world must not belong to those that slander the prophet of Islam, not once has he said the world must not belong to those that behead Christians. This alone should reveal which side BHO is on.

A government out of control

There are many who say that America has lost her way, gone off track. There are also many who say that America is heading towards economic failure and societal breakdown. I say there is nothing wrong with America, she has not lost her way, instead she is being dragged off-track. Economic failure and societal breakdown are both real possibilities, and the order of occurrence is not important one will lead to the other.
If the current pace continues America will reach a tipping point, a point of no return. America at present has an administration that is hell-bent on continuing with the failed policies of LBJ. The “great society” which started in the 1960’s has done more to destroy society than it could ever have helped. The liberal progressives will not admit that the great society was and is a total and abject failure, rather they claim that more should have and could have been done. There is at present more people on government assistance than at any time in American history. The policy of government is to throw more and more money at a problem, when it should be to sit back and find the cause. Eliminate the cause and you eliminate the problem. Government instead wants to eliminate the problem leaving the cause in place. Leaving the cause in place will only insure the problem will resurface. This may well be the intent, a never-ending problem allowing government to come to the rescue again and again. This leads to government dependence, which is the intent of liberal progressives. Here is an example of fixing the problem but leaving the cause in place. A car has a flat tire because a nail is in the tire. Adding air cures the flat tire for a while, but it will slowly lose air and soon will be flat once again. True you solved the flat tire problem for a while and you can continue adding air at intervals to prevent it from continually going flat. Had you removed the nail and patched the tire you could move onto other things rather than dedicating so much energy and time to repeating one thing. The nail caused the tire to go flat not the lack of air. Eliminate the cause the problem is solved.
Now we have the “great society” part 2 or whatever number it is, two free years at a community college and the newest catch phrase “middle class economics”. No one much mentions the “war on poverty” any more. I would like to point out that nothing is free not even freedom, someone somewhere paid for it. America is the home of the free because of the brave. The “free” two years must be paid by someone somewhere.
Middle class economics is just the latest game of smoke and mirrors. It may look like a break for the middle class but it is intended to break the middle class. Hide and watch on this one, you will see.

At last check America is some 18 trillion dollars in debt. Not to mention there is a deficit. There are even rumors of unfunded liabilities. Debt is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as you can pay off your debt. Deficits on the other hand are a bad thing, you do not have enough money on hand to pay the bills. You may have enough to pay the interest but the principal never goes down and you spend a lifetime in debt. A shrinking deficit is still a deficit and is not a good thing, no matter how it is candy coated, short of funds is short of funds even if you are one cent short you are still short and you over-spent. Deficits are always bad. Borrowing more money to cover the deficit is about as stupid as it gets. If you do not have it now you will not have it later plus you now have to pay back what you were short. The problem with robbing Peter to pay Paul is that sooner or later Peter is going to want his money back.
The unfunded liabilities are down the road a piece but they will show up sooner than expected. It is on a collision course with the debt can.

I am no financial genius by any stretch of the imagination, but I do understand how money works. More than that, being somewhat mechanically inclined I understand how things work. I am also smart enough to know that if I am barely making ends meet I must make adjustments in spending. I also know that if I am not financially secure I can not help my neighbor if he or she experiences hard times. In other words I must help myself first before I can help others.
Which brings me to this point, if America is facing a deficit, meaning that there is not enough money to pay the bills, why the hell are billions of dollars being given, yes given to foreign countries. Some of the countries and governments receiving money from America could care less if America were to dry up and blow away. Are they being given money to keep them from attacking America or her interests. A form of appeasement, peace in exchange for money. They will not attack as long as they receive money. In other words they would not bite the hand that feeds them, sort of like a dog. What happens when the money runs out and it will eventually. A hungry dog will bite the hell out of anyone even its owner. Surely America is not paying a “tribute” to prevent attacks. It has been done before. It took military action to bring that to a halt, the money did not run out, they demanded more, and enough was enough. Check the words to the Marine Corps Hymn.
Could this also be the reason that BHO avoids the use of radical Islam, or is it something deeper. al-Qaeda are no longer called terrorists, they are now armed insurgents. Was Benghazi another appeasement? Just another stop on the apology tour.
Foreign governments and countries are not only being given billions of dollars they are being given arms, ammunition, equipment and training while limits are being placed on American citizens as to what weapons they can possess and limits on magazine size. Are we being set up for a take over.

The American government has become a government of political correctness, not using word or language which could offend political sensibilities. But what would one expect from a Politician, a person engaged in party politics as a profession, a person primarily interested in political office for selfish or other usually short-sighted reasons.

What is wrong in America?

Just take a look around and you can see the evidence of the deterioration of the American “fabric”, all brought to you in the name of and made possible by “political correctness”, divisiveness and in some cases downright laziness.

Doing or acting in the name of political correctness is not now or was it the intention in the founding of America, doing and acting correctly was. Doing the right thing is harder than doing the wrong or incorrect thing, and political correctness is the wrong thing. Political correctness are just as evil as the practice of appeasement, in fact they are one and the same. To be politically correct means to sacrifice correctness, morals. Ignoring or denying ones principles to gain political favor. This is what liberals call an “evolution of opinion”. What it should be called is sitting on the fence to see which the wind blows, being all things to all people. Politicians use political correctness to gain votes and remain in power. Citizens use political correctness to avoid be labeled with a words ending in “ist” or “ism”.
Political correctness by definition, Is conforming to the belief that language and practices which could offend political sensibilities should be eliminated. In other words, Political correctness is bringing about the death of freedom of speech. The intention of the first amendment protecting free speech was not to protect safe speech but was intended to protect controversial speech. Making threats is not free speech, nor is inflammatory speech especially if it incites violence. Name-calling and race-baiting are not free speech either, they are tactics used by liberals when they can not possibly win their argument any other way, though they lose anyway, exposing them for what they are. There is an old saying, the bit dog hollers first.
Appeasement by definition, To buy off by concessions usually at the sacrifice of principles. (Pacify, Conciliate). Notice the word buy, when something can be bought, the same is for sale. That which is not for sale can not be bought.
If a person is willing to sacrifice their own principles to gain favor or to appease another, what else or who else will they sacrifice?

The American citizenry has allowed themselves to be divided along Racial, Political, Social, Economic and a myriad of other lines and in some cases have divided themselves. Some in American society have come to view themselves as victims. News for those, you can only be a victim if someone has committed a crime against you. If you are poor you are not a victim, and being wealthy does not make one a villain.

One of the bigger examples, but not the biggest examples, of what is wrong in America is laziness of some of the citizenry. The laziness in America stems from the education, no the indoctrination that government can solve each and every problem or difficulty encountered and has fostered a culture of government dependence. Self-determination and self-reliance have become a thing of the past and the indoctrination of government dependence continues. Hand-outs have become common place and welcome and a hand-up is rare and rejected.

The biggest example of what is wrong in America is that “voids” are created. Whenever something is removed it is generally replaced with something else, filling a void.
When God and Prayer were removed from Schools a void was created the void was quickly filled with “godlessness”. Look at the results of that liberal achievement in an attempt to appease the atheists. The atheists were not required to participate in prayer, they could choose to be excluded. The atheists have no God to pray to. The atheists could have continued excluding themselves from that morning activity in the home-room class, but that was not good enough. The atheists were appeased and God was kicked out of school. This was not the beginning of America’s downfall but I would argue that it sped up the process. Since that time God and the symbols of Christianity have slowly been disappearing from all aspects of daily life, especially near government buildings and property. Next came the end of the recital of the Pledge of Allegiance another move to appease a small group. Today voids continue to be created and they must be filled with something.

When God was kicked out of school that was not the end of the demands for appeasement, it was only the beginning. The proverbial camel had gotten his nose in the tent.

Once again the proverbial camel has stuck his nose in the tent, once the nose gets in the rest of the camel follows. In other words if you give an inch they will take a yard, or even a mile.
Soon the Supreme Court will weigh in on Marriage, same-sex marriage. Marriage is not a Constitutional issue and is not addressed once in the Constitution. But a panel of 9 will decide for a population of over 300,00,000. A marriage license is from the state not the Federals. Tax breaks come from the Federals. Is that what this is about Taxes?
I am not here to judge homosexual activity, that is not my place or my intent. This is just one of the latest tents where the camel has gotten his nose in.
America has arrived at this point which concludes a journey(or does it?) that began innocently enough. It began when an issue of next-of-kin arose. The simplest solution to appease this issue was to have domestic-partnerships, civil unions between same-sex couples. When this started I said “this will not end until the ultimate objective is reached”. States had ballot referendums and issues of same-sex marriage were voted on by the people and banned in the states. Since that time Judges have ruled against the will of the people, and stricken down the bans on same-sex marriage.
Now we have a new camel with his nose in the tent, we now have the medicinal marijuana camel and his nose is in the tent. It is not about medicinal marijuana, it is about recreational use and it will not stop there.